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Sorry I haven't submitted much during the last few weeks but with work commitments and other demands there isn't much time left to spend doing what I enjoy most; fractals! :-(  Hopefully things will get better soon. 
I am stunned and highly delighted at receiving the DD for Witch Ways today!  Thank you for all your messages of congratulations, and also all the comments, and a very big thankyou to Mercurycode for the suggestion and PirateLotus-Stock for the feature! :faint: :heart:
Just to say many thanks for the kind messages during my illness with shingles.  I have made a complete recovery and look forward, once again, to sharing art with like-minded deviants! :heart: :-)
At the moment I am fairly ill with shingles, which is a painful condition you can develop if you have had the Chicken Pox virus.  Anyone who has had Chicken Pox, as I did as a small child, can develop Shingles.  The virus never goes away but remains dormant in the nerve roots by the spinal cord.  The particles can reactivate during stressful times or if the immune system is weak, and travel along nerves affecting the area of skin which the infected nerve supplies.  For me, the first symptoms were severe pain in the affected nerve region, followed by a rash.  When I was going through the pain I thought I had a trapped nerve, but when the rash appeared I had a good idea it was shingles.  The doctor put me on antiviral medicine but this only usually works if taken early so it is important to get a diagnosis and treatment early if you suspect you have the disease.
I have recently returned from a get-away-from-it-all break in Whitby which is on the East Coast of the UK.  Whitby is a bustling fishing town steeped in history, and a very interesting place to visit, having something for everyone.  The ruins of St. Hilda's Abbey stand on Whitby's East Cliff and I was lucky to view them in perfect weather, which had been forecast, so I got up early to take the photographs before the crowds of people gathered.  In close proximity to the Abbey ruins stands the Church of St Mary with its sprawling church yard, thought to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker's world famous book 'Dracula'.  Many of the tombs are marked by weather-beaten sandstones, the epitaphs of which have long been eroded and erased by time.  Because of the Dracula connection, Whitby is world famous and visited by thousands of Goths biannually.  I am told that if you book a place to stay early, and can stand the crowds, the Goth weekends are spectacular.

Whitby lies at the mouth of the river Esk.  The thirty-five mile stretch of North Sea coastline from Staithes, in the North, to Flamborough Head, in the East Riding of Yorkshire, is known as the 'Dinosaur Coast' or the 'Jurassic Coast'.  I spent a few blissful hours collecting pretty pebbles and to my delight found part of a fossilized crustacean, and a small piece of Whitby Jet!
Just to say how overwhelmed I feel about receiving the awesome Daily Deviation featured by Elandria for 'Black Cobwebs'.  I had no idea until I received all the messages of congratulations that my art had been featured, and I must say that I am over the moon!  It is our local amateur show here in Yorkshire starting from tomorrow which is why I haven't had the time to look at many galleries on DA lately, but what a start to the weekend!  Thank you so much for all your kind messages of congratulations!

Love Pauline xx
Just to let anybody interested know that my computer keeps going AWL.  Apo and Photoshop keep crashing and I think it's my graphics card causing the problem.  I can't sort this in-house so it looks as though my computer will need to go in for repair :-(

If I don't post anything for a while  it is not that I have gone away.

Thanks to all my valued watchers for your understanding!

Love Pauline x
Over the last few days, when I get a minute to think (usually early morning walking the dogs) I have been driven mad by the question "how long is now?"

I have been searching on the internet and one interesting philosophical answer is that "now" is exactly zero in length!  Shit!  This could mean we have nowhere to live at all!  The past is gone (a memory) and the future doesn't exist ... so if "now" is zero in length, where the bloody hell are we?  Another philosopher has the idea that "now" is both infinitely long and infinitely short!  This theory reminds me of fractals.

I had the thought that maybe time is static with only "now" moving along ... a bit like a car ("now") travelling on the road (time).  If this is so, the future might already exist! Thinking about it again, if the car is zero long I've no chance of squeezing into it, lol!
I hope you all have a wonderful 2013!

Yesterday, the first day of the new year, seemed to be a very strange day for me.  First of all, my partner David found a ten pound note which looked as though it had been hiding in dropped litter for days.   Good luck, I thought, but bad luck for the person who lost it.

I was sad to learn that a friend's cat died yesterday.  At first I looked on the dark side, but then thought it was lucky because the cat's death was imminent and so quick that she (Snowball) did not suffer.  After all, she had lived to a ripe old age.

For me, the worst was still to come.

I was in the kitchen preparing the vegetables for a New Year's Day celebration dinner.  I had quite a lot to do and planned to make a pie whilst the dinner was cooking starting around noon, but for some reason I made the pie first, quite early in the morning, going on to the prep straight after.  The dishwasher had 15 minutes left before it completed its cycle.  Suddenly, and without warning,  the dishwasher made a strange sound which caused me  to take notice and I turned to see black smoke pouring out of its control panel.  I immediately switched off the power supply but by this time the plastic had caught fire.  I must admit I panicked a little and shouted David.  He came and looked, then went to our caravan which is parked outside the house, to fetch the fire extinguisher but he couldn't pull it out of its holder as it had become stuck.  The extinguisher is at least 15 years old so probably useless anyway.  Meanwhile, the kitchen was filling with noxious black smoke so I opened the widows and door (which I hoped wouldn't fan the flame), took a towel and dampened it and pushed it into the flaming plastic panel (the power was off).  I didn't know how dangerous this was but couldn't think what else to do other than call the fire brigade.  David finished off the job of putting the fire out as we coughed and barked.  I suddenly had a banging headache and thought I might pass out from the fumes.  What a start to the new year, I thought later.  Thinking about it a bit more, I thanked my guardian angel for my being in the kitchen when the fire started.  I also thank my lucky stars that our dogs were not in the house alone when this incident occurred.  I shall never, ever go out again leaving either our washing machine or dishwasher running while pets are locked in the house!

We all have a choice in our attitude to situations, but if you look carefully there is usually a positive way of viewing these incidents!

J'espère que vous avez tous une merveilleuse 2013!

Hier, le premier jour de la nouvelle année, semblait être une journée très étrange pour moi. Tout d'abord, David, mon ami a trouvé un billet de dix livres qui avait l'air comme si elle avait été caché dans la litière a diminué pendant des jours. Bonne chance, je pensais, mais pas de chance pour la personne qui l'a perdu.

 J'étais triste d'apprendre que le chat d'un ami est mort hier. Au début, j'ai regardé sur le côté sombre, mais alors pensé qu'il avait de la chance parce que la mort du chat était imminente et si rapide qu'elle (Snowball) n'a pas souffert. Après tout, elle avait vécu jusqu'à un âge avancé.

Pour moi, le pire était encore à venir.

J'étais dans la cuisine pour préparer les légumes pour le dîner du Nouvel An Journée de célébration. J'ai eu beaucoup de choses à faire et prévu de faire une tarte, tandis que le dîner était la cuisine de départ vers midi, mais pour une raison que j'ai fait la tarte d'abord, très tôt le matin, de passer à la préparation tout de suite après. Le lave-vaisselle a laissé 15 minutes avant qu'il a terminé son cycle. Tout à coup, sans avertissement, le lave-vaisselle fait un bruit étrange qui m'a fait prendre connaissance et je me retournai pour voir de la fumée noire sortait de son panneau de commande. J'ai immédiatement éteint l'alimentation mais à cette époque le plastique avait pris feu. Je dois admettre que j'ai un peu paniqué en criant David. Il est venu et regarda, puis se rendit à notre caravane qui est garée devant la maison, pour aller chercher l'extincteur, mais il ne pouvait pas sortir de son support car il était en panne. L'extincteur est d'au moins 15 ans donc probablement inutile de toute façon. Pendant ce temps, la cuisine a été envahi par la fumée noire nocive alors j'ai ouvert les veuves et les portes (qui je l'espère, ne pas jeter de l'huile sur le feu), a pris une serviette et l'a atténuée et le poussa dans le panneau en plastique flamboyante (l'appareil était hors tension). Je ne sais pas comment cela était dangereux, mais ne pouvait pas penser quoi faire d'autre que d'appeler les pompiers. David a terminé le travail d'éteindre le feu que nous toussa et aboya. J'ai soudain eu un mal de tête cogner et pensé que je pourrais passer sur des fumées. Quel début de la nouvelle année, je pensais que plus tard. Penser à ce sujet un peu plus, je remercie mon ange gardien de ma présence dans la cuisine quand le feu a commencé. Je remercie également ma bonne étoile que nos chiens ne sont pas dans la maison seul quand cet incident s'est produit. Je ne serai jamais, jamais sortir de nouveau de quitter soit notre machine à laver ou lave-vaisselle fonctionne tout les animaux sont enfermés dans la maison!

Nous avons tous un choix dans notre attitude à l'égard des situations, mais si vous regardez attentivement, il ya habituellement une façon positive de voir ces incidents!

Espero que todos tengan un maravilloso 2013!

Ayer, el primer día del nuevo año, parecía ser un día muy extraño para mí. En primer lugar, mi compañero David encontró una nota de diez libras que parecía que se había escondido en la hojarasca disminuyó durante días. Buena suerte, pensé, pero la mala suerte para la persona que lo perdió.

 Me entristeció tener que aprender que el gato de un amigo murió ayer. Al principio me parecía en el lado oscuro, pero luego pensé que era afortunado porque la muerte de los gatos era inminente y tan rápido que ella (Bola de nieve) no sufrió. Después de todo, ella había vivido hasta una edad muy avanzada.

Para mí, lo peor estaba aún por llegar.

Yo estaba en la cocina preparando las verduras para la cena de Año Nuevo Día de celebración. Yo tenía mucho que hacer y tenía previsto hacer un pastel, mientras que la cena se cocina a partir del mediodía, pero por alguna razón me hizo el primer pastel, muy temprano por la mañana, pasando a la preparación inmediatamente después. El lavavajillas tuvo 15 minutos para el final antes de completar su ciclo. De repente, y sin previo aviso, el lavavajillas hizo un sonido extraño que me hizo tomar nota y me volví a ver humo negro saliendo de su panel de control. Inmediatamente me desconecta la fuente de alimentación, pero en este momento el plástico se había incendiado. Debo admitir que me asusté un poco y gritó David. Se acercó y miró, y luego nos fuimos a nuestra caravana, que está estacionado afuera de la casa, para ir a buscar el extintor de fuego, pero no podía salir de su titular, como lo había atascado. El extintor es de al menos 15 años, así que probablemente inútil de todos modos. Mientras tanto, la cocina se llenó de humo negro nocivo así que abrí las viudas y las puertas (que yo esperaba no avivar la llama), tomó una toalla y humedecido él y lo metió en el panel de plástico en llamas (la alimentación estaba apagada). Yo no sabía lo peligroso que era, pero no se le ocurría qué otra cosa podía hacer otra cosa que llamar a los bomberos. David acabó con el trabajo de poner el fuego a medida que tosió y ladró. De repente tuve un dolor de cabeza golpeando y pensé que podría salir de los humos. Qué comienzo para el nuevo año, pensé más tarde. Pensando en ello un poco más, me dio las gracias a mi ángel de la guarda para mi estar en la cocina cuando se inició el fuego. También doy las gracias a mi buena estrella que nuestros perros no estaban en la casa sola cuando ocurrió este incidente. Nunca, nunca volver a salir ya sea dejando nuestra lavadora o lavavajillas en funcionamiento mientras mascotas están encerrados en la casa!

Todos tenemos una opción en nuestra actitud ante las situaciones, pero si se mira con cuidado por lo general hay una forma positiva de ver estos incidentes!
A good (younger) friend has kept bringing some of his DVD and CD music for me to listen to in the hope of broadening my musical horizon!  Doves is one group I have just got around to listening to - and they are amazing!  "Winter Hill", "Kingdom of Rust" "House of Mirrors" - Stunning!  On the DVD there is a video dedicated to Rob and it depicts a clever carpenter creating a rocking chair from scratch - brilliant!  After listening to the disks two or three times you find some tracks keep playing in your head.  Many thanks to Neil for the introduction!
Since I discovered Apophysis fractal generator, and started experimenting with fractals I can't help but notice fractals are everywhere in nature.  Everywhere I look I see fractals!  In clouds, in the night sky, in rocks, flowers, plants, animals - everywhere nature is, corresponding fractals can be found.  I am beginning to think there must be a mathematical formula which exactly describes the room I am in now!  I wonder - how many more veils are there to be lifted from in front of our eyes?