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Self Portrait - January 27, 2022


At Cheeky Adorable Art, it is my mission to educate people on sexual education and positivity through art.

I am working hard towards making a living strictly off of my art :heart: If you would like to contribute you can find me at the links below.



SpoonFlower Etsy

Ambassador Programs

I am a Denik Ambassador! These are the sketchbooks I use every day. I'm currently on my third one! Use my link and code "MOONFIGURES15" for 15% off!


I have a Patreon! Let me know what you would like to see on it! If you'd rather stick to deviantArt I have a couple subscription tiers available :heart:

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Zubat Day

If you're interested in hiring me I DO take commission work and I am looking for freelance projects. Feel free to contact me here or at my website (CheekyAdorable.Art) to discuss.

If you're hoping to get a convention sketch from me, please do! These are my prices for event work.

Sketch - $30 Ink - $50

Full Colour - $80

The example to the right is a better example of my work outside of an event. While the art IS rather simplistic, the medium can take some time to work with. At events I normally work in marker. Outside of events I tend to be very multimedia based, using what ever gets the textures and colours I'm looking for.

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I am a non-binary (She/They), pansexual, polyamorous, multimedia freelance artist living in Edmonton, Alberta who has an odd obsession with sex education, sex positivity, feminism, and art. With my art, I hope to help you feel good about expressing a sexier you.

In school, I took as many art-related classes as I could, even taking some multiple times just to always have new challenges and projects to work on.

In grade 9 I made the top 10 of a No-Smoking Poster Design Contest for the City of Edmonton. In high school, I became one of two student photographers and received scholarships from J. Percy Page and The Alexander Rutherford Scholarship for my school-related volunteer activities and grades. In 2008 I took Design Foundations at Grant MacEwan College but did not complete the certificate due to external issues that kept me from continuing.

As a person who spent a lot of my 20’s learning about who I am at my core, I also began learning about people and how we operate our relationships. I noticed we copied what we saw in media, even though those relationships were designed to be unstable for our entertainment. My friends would mimic what they saw thinking those were the appropriate responses for their own relationship problems when that really only left them with poor communication skills and less overall satisfaction in their lives. When I came out to my family and friends I began talking about what I had learned in my journey to be great at polyamory and they actually listened. Since then I’ve been looking for ways to share that information with others so that they can also improve their relationships. The obvious answer was through art, and the communities I already have around me.

For the last 15 years, I have been a regular in the local convention community as both an artist and a staff member. I have participated in events all over Alberta and have staffed with Animethon in different roles since 2011. The evolution of the art scene has led me to open Print on Demand shops with Redbubble and Spoonflower, as well as a shop on Etsy (2021). Through these means, I hope to change the way you talk with your partner(s), the way you feel about expressing a sexier you, and I hope to improve the way you look at your own sexual health practices and not feel shame in your overall pleasure, care, and health.

Please take a moment to view my shops, or contact me to commission a unique original piece that will boost your confidence or inspire your journey.

You can find her under the accounts:

MoonFigures PaulineFrench

Favourite Visual Artist
Naoko Takeuchi
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Sailor Moon, Doctor Who
As I begin my sketchbook/journal journey I've decided there are some pages I need/want at the beginning of my sketchbook to destroy that struggle for a perfect first page. To keep a decent pattern going I'm going to share them here. That way I can perfect my preferences, keep them in order, and expand on them as I grow. Feel free to bookmark this journal and do them yourself! 1. A well wishes page. In my sketchbook the first page is dedicated to a small note to myself and my sketchbook, wishing good things in the future of this book. My current note reads: "Help me love, learn, evolve, grow, and have fun! Let me fill your pages with ideas, sketches, planning, thoughts, work, and yes, even "bad art." Help me create through struggle, journal, feel and be inspired. Help me open you and draw." 2. A Page with a Wish List, Goals, and Music. This is exactly what it sounds like. A page sectioned off for things I need or want, goals, and the music I found notable while working in this
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Thanks for the llama!

Thank you for the heart badge! :heart:

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Hi dear Pauline! How are you doing? I wanted to "thank you" for the Hype badge given for my "Mermaid For Life" art . Truly appreciate it.

PS Given you "one back" as well for one of your art that is one of my favorite big time. Hehe Well done! (wink wink)

Take care and have a wonderful day. Visit me anytime.

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Hugs from Montreal

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