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Made this account many years ago for art and requests but abandoned that when I got bored with it. The only semi-decent stuff I made were colored in trace over bases anyway so no huge loss. Still I love faving and looking at art from fandoms I've been into through the years. I recently got back into the groove of fanfictions for the following fandoms: Danganronpa, Overwatch, My hero academia. Might start posting the fanfics I've got Ao3 and here: when I feel like it. Here is a link to my Ao3 I'm a July girl as of 1991 so I like a lot shows and songs from the 90s as well. I don't really do fic requests but no ones really asked me since I take forever to update my fics. Been trying to break that habit along with other lazy ones this year.

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Avatar,Slither, Godzilla franchise, Tucker & dale vs evil,
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MLP:FIM, The flash, various animes, pokemon, The good place, breaking bad
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Bruno Mars,Maroon 5,Green Day,Cee lo Green,and Sean Kingston
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hunger games,harry potter saga, The meg ,and R.L.Stine books,
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Kingdom hearts,pokemon,
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Hello weird people who have been following me despite this account being fairly inactive for many years now. Although I've abandoned ever drawing or improving my drawing skill as well as this account I do want to use it for something. For those curious to where I've been for the last few years I've just been floating through different websites and fandoms. Currently very into the Danganronpa fandom, my hero academia fandom as well as Overwatch a little bit. Mainly the content I've currently been doing is Fanfiction again on and Ao3. I mainly only come here anymore to fav a bit of fanart for the mention fandoms if I want cover art for my post. It only hit me since I also use Tumblr to promote my fanfics I might as well do it here to. Just going to sit on the idea for now but might post some of it later little bit by little bit. See how things go and all.
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This series has been around for more then a good minute and I recall hearing about it way back when I was in sophomore year.  I've heard some good things and some  bad things but never got around to seeing it for myself. After all these years I just now decided since I'm bored and I know what hulu is that I'm going to check it out in English dub. I'm 3 episodes in and don't see what offensive stuff people are claiming the show is filled with.  It seems pretty funny and harmless to me. Their mostly just pocking fun at each country with its own exaggerated stereotypes in the form of people. Granted I've never had the best of memories despite
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Goals of 2015

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So like many people I've written down some things that I know I need to push myself to do this year. I have completed 2 things  from last year and that's finally getting my permit plus raising my typing speed.=) I've only passed the written portion of the process and need to practice this year for the actual physical driving portion. Next goals are: 1.Raise typing speed to at least 34 or 32 from my current speed of 28. 2.Practice driving for driving test 3.Take driving test.
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Hey, thank you for faving one of my danganronpa pieces ^^ All support is greatly appreciated and I hope you'll enjoy the upcoming stuff as well.

Hope you have a nice day!

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Your welcomed. Thanks, I hope you have a nice day to.

My memory is crap and always has been. Were we in a group together in the past or something?

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Hi! Thank you so much for the watch! ^^