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Friendship is Wild!

A picture I drew for "Friendship is Wild" (MLP artbook project). Link:…

It was the first artbook I created an illustration for and I am very grateful to Ashley Nichols for inviting me to take part in this project. :)
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My! ^_^
This is quite lovely ^_^
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Wow, this is beautiful.
That sky is insanely awesome.
wow, this is amazing! I LOVE the style, so bright and happy! Beautiful!
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Wonderful work.

I'm sure Fluttershy can't resist flying with any creature who's flying.
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That looks cute and adorable. Nice work. I love the overall picture. It looks beautiful, serene, and gorgeous.
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Nice work! are those lines, made with a pencil too?
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This looks so goregus! :) great work
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That is utterly adorable in every conceivable way. :D
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Love how this was colored. Is this digital btw?
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Симпатично получилось! :D (Big Grin) 
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Absolutely gorgeous
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Beautiful art, I love it. Well done.
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I love the colors!! Good job :p
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