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Tom Baker

Well it took a while to get around to finishing (almost 9 months), but here's the color version of my portrait of Tom and some of his more colorful adversaries. Handy guide to who's who here:

Already started some preliminary work on the next Doctor in the "Rogues' Gallery" series. Maybe I'll do one a year. :D

UPDATE: Decided to fix up this old piece. The coloring was a bit unfocused, so I dropped in some green filters on everyone but Tom. I'm a lot happier with it now.

Btw, this pic just turned up in an Ain't-It-Cool-News article: [link] Neat, eh?
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I like the fact you included some enemies from the comics. I still like those comics.

You are as ever on of the best artists of DW related themes, and in general on deviantart.
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My favorite Doctor of the series because there are so many great, original monsters in the era. I also enjoy the fact that this incarnation visited the most alien planets as well on TV. I love your artwork on this.  (Though don't get me wrong, I like all the other incarnations too, but I think Tom was the closest in portraying the alien aspects of the character). I've been a fan since the early 1980s while watching the old shows on PBS. 
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I was about to say, looking through your gallery, "where's The Fourth Doctor???" Lol. "You did Sylvester McCoy--" I thought I recognized him in the Hobbit movies too--"and Colin Baker!" Lol. If I were obsessed with Doctor Who, most of what you'd see on my gallery would be The Fourth Doctor ha.
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Very nice, easily my favorite Classic Doctor.
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God knows I feel like this sometimes... actually, many more times than I'd be comfortable living with!
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I can just imagine Tom Baker's doctor saying something like..."Damn time coordinates! Wrong convention yet again!"
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Thank you for choosing art as a profession. I have never seen a more awesome picture of the 4th Doctor's rogues gallery, is this going in a book or something? I want it.
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my expression when being partnered with a douchebag for a school project....
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this is coming from a guy who started with the 9th doctor, i gotta say. seeing this makes me think:
cannon skull grinch
mini-darth vader toy
evil spinach and brussel sprout man
medieval boba fett
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The ammount of dedication in this piece has to be one of the best fan art of the Baker Years. You sir have stolen my favorite button. Where is the love button...oh wait there it is.
It is a great representation of the whole Tom Baker era
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You forgot something

He should have jelly beans in his hands, and should look like he offering them it.
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One of my all-time faves of yours.
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This is an ownage piece! Jolly well done sir! :D
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That what's Alliance from Pandorica looks like, if it appear in classic series))
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On another note, I had no idea the Grinch was actually a Zygon.
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He looks a lot like he's surrounded by the press. Look at all those "microphones!"
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Uhhh......would anyone like a jelly baby?
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The look on Tom's face says it all! So many enemies all put together into one amazing picture. I know considerably less on this one than the David Tennant version you made recently, but there are still one or two I can point out. You do so well with your details, it's just so amazing!
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OMG! its that guy from he pirate planet! XD he made me Laugh so frecking hard!
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