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The Time War- Leela



I've been wanting to do something a little more edgy for a while on the fan art front. Honestly, it's been getting a bit boring and predictable lately. I needed a challenge- something that'd shake things up a bit...

So I'm gonna illustrate the Time War. That's not too ambitious, right? :D This is the first of what'll be a series of portraits, depicting some of the Time War's more interesting players.

So here we have Leela in the War's earlier, more conventional days- picking off the survivors of a crashed Ogron troop transport. And she wears an eyepatch now- because eyepatches are cool. ;) While I was working on this, I thought up a whole epic bio in my head for what she got up to during the war. I thought about writing it up to accompany the pic, but at the end of the day it just seemed too fan-wanky. I think it's better if these portraits mostly speak for themselves.

NEXT TIME: The Doctor...
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Paul, I know many artists on DeviantArt and your work is among the best that I've seen. Frankly, its on a par with the professional offerings that have appeared in comic books such as 2000A.D. for example (and that rates even higher than Marvel and DC in some regards).

Leela was always among my favorites, partly due to the fact that she was introduced around about the time I began 'noticing girls' if you get my meaning, so this barely clad savage as she appeared in Face of Evil was an instant hit with me. It is such a pity that she didn't stay with the Doctor for longer. Oh Louise!