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The Time War- Leela

By PaulHanley
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I've been wanting to do something a little more edgy for a while on the fan art front. Honestly, it's been getting a bit boring and predictable lately. I needed a challenge- something that'd shake things up a bit...

So I'm gonna illustrate the Time War. That's not too ambitious, right? :D This is the first of what'll be a series of portraits, depicting some of the Time War's more interesting players.

So here we have Leela in the War's earlier, more conventional days- picking off the survivors of a crashed Ogron troop transport. And she wears an eyepatch now- because eyepatches are cool. ;) While I was working on this, I thought up a whole epic bio in my head for what she got up to during the war. I thought about writing it up to accompany the pic, but at the end of the day it just seemed too fan-wanky. I think it's better if these portraits mostly speak for themselves.

NEXT TIME: The Doctor...
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Film Spaceship!!!!
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I love this pic. Your Leela is so chilled, doing what she does. No need for a dramatic pose, just her being comfortable and confident in her own skin. And the eyepatch rules.

With the appearance of Leela in the War Doctor audios from Big Finish, this is how she's going to be in my head :-)

P.S. Loving the Ogrons and the Dalek saucer from Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD!
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(Very belated response)  Thanks! :)  Now that the War Doctor audios with her have come (and so very sadly gone), we know  this design doesn't even slightly match the cover art (and tiny bit of video) of Leela in the Time War.  But given that iteration of Leela's basically a "reconstructed" version after being ripped out of time, I like to think that this is what she looked like before. :) 
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Good Lord, how I would love to see this concept come to fruition!

Nicely done, good sir!
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Like it, especially the Dalek Invasion Earth saucer and the Ogron heads
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Holy shit I just realised the original plan was for Ace to become a timelord. With Romana and Leela already involved, the introduction of Ace could have seriously turned the tide of battle, sure Romana's experienced the harsh realities of the universe and is an amazing diplomat and sure Leela's a natural hunter but Ace manufactures her own bombs and has already taken on daleks with nothing more than a timelord technology enhanced baseball bat.
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This might be the best thing I've seen you do (how the 'ell have I missed it up 'til now???).
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Leela survived the Time War, but began to age rapidly when Gallifrey was destroyed, so she died anyway.
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Depends on your interpretation of the final moments of THE TIME VAMPIRE. Or if the destruction Leela refers to in that Companion Chronicles trilogy even was the Last Great Time War (it's purposely vague, and Gallifrey was destroyed more than once if you count the spinoff media like BF, the novels, etc). Either way, this pic portrays her presumably before any of that happened.

There's also more than a few characters who have outlived their apparent deaths in spin-off media (Liz Shaw, Sarah Jane, and Ace all come to mind- probably Jamie too). Leela was a pretty tough broad- it may take more than one BF audio to keep her down. ;)
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My copy of this is proudly hanging in my home office. My second favorite companion of all time and one of my favorite "goodbye" scenes.
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Absolutely awesome. Love it. You've managed make Leela a bit more "modern and edgy" without betraying the spirit of the character.
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Cutting off heads is right up Leela's alley. :D

Can you imagine if Leela met Ace, kicking some Dalek eyestalks together?

Digging her 'Don't mess with me' expression.
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Excellent idea. Excellent image.
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8 shades of AWESOME!!!
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Like the decapitated Ogron heads that Leela's holding.
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I had no idea Leela was even involved in the Time War. O_o Anyway, this is PURE WIN! 8D
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The colours remind me of the hip and swinging 'Dracula' publication of the early 1970s.
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I don't know this- a Dracula mag? Was this a UK thing capitalizing on the Hammer stuff or something? I'd love to see some links to some art or what not, if you have any...

I actually started out with a more restrained color palette, but it didn't have any "oomph". The Time War kinda demands extremes...
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I don't know why it was called Dracula actually. It had a sword and sorcery character called Wolff, and a Victorian detective of the bizarre, and lots of one off stories One particularly effective one was of a Spitfire pilot in a dogfight with a German plane, who when he disengages and heads home finds that his aircraft is starting to melt as if it's made out of flesh. Another story has a fake hand in a jewellers shop starting to grow veins and tendons through the night until it has virtually built a new body. I think it was a macabre hip/funky comic born of the psychedelic era, and it has a distinctly late sixties swinging London feel about it. I'll see if I can find a link to any images.

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Aha! Found it: [link]

It's a Warren publishing book, which makes sense (same guys that did Eerie and Creepy). Found a torrent-able version online and just had a look (hey, it's hopelessly out of print- I don't feel guilty). Trippy! I definitely see why you'd compare this to it. A lot of the artists look familiar (too bad they don't credit any of them).
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