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The Master (Gordon Tipple)

By PaulHanley
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Remember those really annoying Doctor Who fans who used to say, "McGann didn't count- that wasn't a thing"?

That was me w/ Gordon Tipple's Master for a long time.  A lot of fans counted him and I didn't, b/c as far as could be seen in the finished '96 TV movie, it seemed like he was just a stand-in for Anthony Ainley (or... if you wanted to headcanon it to work with the then-current books, the Basil-Rathbone-esque Master from the New Adventures novels).  

Since then, a lot more behind-the-scenes stuff has emerged (most importantly, some stills of Tipple in costume in that were published in DWM a while back), and it's pretty clear the intent was that he was a brand new incarnation.  So... okay, cool!

Sorry Mr. Tipple, wherever you are. Here's your long-overdue Master portrait. ;)
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