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The Manhattan Projects



This is a piece I did as an art trade with the awesomely talented Nick Pitarra :iconnickpitarra: . I'm a big fan of his rather kickass series THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS, so it was a blast to draw the book's strange cast.

Clockwise from left top row: resident alien Dr. Enrico Fermi; the slightly batshit General Leslie Groves; Masonic Sovereign Grand Inspector General (and also US President) Harry S. Truman (holding the being known as FDR: AI); the thoroughly irradiated Dr. Harry Daghlian; robot-armed Nazi rocket scientist Dr. Wernher Von Braun; interdimensional interloper Albrecht Einstein; psychopathic cannibal Dr. Joseph Oppenheimer; the ill-fated Dr. Weiss; and intrepid young physicist Richard Feynman.

The series is set in an alternate universe where the Manhattan Project's pursuit of creating the atom bomb was a cover for many much more advanced (and potentially mega-destructive) technologies. The book's very funny and unpredictable, and kinda reads like a billion-dollar-budget version of DR. STRANGELOVE dropped some serious amounts of acid with aliens and then went off to fight kamikaze samurai robots. In other words: I strongly suggest ya go check it out. ;) You can probably find it at your local comic shop, or just get the first collected volume right here on Amazon: [link]

UPDATE: Made a slight addition to this one and added a few of the cast members that have shown up since I did the original piece. Just the fact that Laika and Yuri Gagarin have become regulars demanded this be done- illuminati Mexican wrestlers and Soviet cyborgs is a bonus. ;)
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Albert as Rick, nice.