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The Eleven Doctors - alternate

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I prefer the colors on Colin and Sylvester in the other version purely because they blended better with the color scheme (it's no slight on their regular costumes- in fact if I'd been feeling a little more energetic I'd have switched Tom to his Season 18 burgundy look for the same reason). But for folks who want their standard TV looks, here ya go!
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AriCoolkid6982Hobbyist General Artist
Matt smith's face doh XD
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Man it's great, to see all of these guys, together in one place. Excellent job, detailing and colouring each one. The background looks great and the layout is very well done.
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TheSkaldofNvrwinterHobbyist Digital Artist
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PCamenzind Writer
One of my all time favourite pictures!
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I'm still hoping that one day they can all be together in something. (I know they were in Day of the Doctor, but I'd rather see them interact with one another.)
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I dream of a day in which time travel is so practical we can pluck actors out of different time periods for a variety of effects. Like getting Joseph Gordon Levitt to play Robin when he was a kid and then Nightwing when he's an adult. Or, more relevant to this conversation, getting all the Doctors together at their proper ages!
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Or do what they did with Jeff Bridges in Tron: Legacy... only not creepy.
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With Doctor Six taking center stage in all his bold grandiose style. Love it.
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Amazing-person-yesHobbyist General Artist
Oh yeeeaaah.
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Wow! Well done. Love it!
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farsh-nukeHobbyist Writer
I'm doing a review of the Virgin New Adventures and want a good shot of the eleven Doctors to overlay Terrance Dicks' famous quote about the Doctor on for a recurring gag. Since this picture shows all the Doctors and exudes charm I thought it would be perfect for it. I'll credit you for the picture of course but I know you've had issues with piracy so if you don't want to to take the risk I'll understand.
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MorphiusXHobbyist General Artist
SO :iconcosmicplz: 'tis a keeper!
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LeadDragonRiderHobbyist General Artist
Can I use this for my new DA ID?
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farsh-nukeHobbyist Writer
Marvellous, truly amazing talent.
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wow just wow Love Love Love it
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VanghiraHobbyist Digital Artist
Is it just me or... Do five and eleven look alike? owo
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A-Parliament-Of-OwlsHobbyist Traditional Artist
this is SO COOL!
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kncomicsHobbyist General Artist
Currently have this hanging on my wall in my studio. Was purchased it at Staple 2011 and it is probably my favorite piece on the wall right now. Now I just need to get a print of that cyberman illo.
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On the fields of Trenzalore, where no creature can speak falsey or fail to answer, a question will be asked. The first question, the one hidden in plain sight, the one you've been running from all your life! Doctor Who? Doctor Who? Doc-Tor, WHO!?

I can't wwait for the 50th year special. It will be sad to see Matt go, but every Doctor has his time.
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ToniTiger415Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing work! Great color scheme as well!
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Wow that's really cool! :) My fave is 10th doctor though! :)
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ShaneBotStudent Digital Artist
reat job your style is very unique, keep up the great work!
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