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Sarah Jane Smith: Final Report pg 1




A new webcomic by me (story, colors, and lettering) and my talented bud and collaborator Shawn Van Briesen (pencils and inks) :iconshawnvanbriesen:.

People who know our Brigadier tribute webcomic FADE AWAY [link] might remember how we said we had a "companion piece" in mind for Sarah Jane too. So here it is. I think we both needed some time to reflect before starting this one- Lis Sladen's death was such a shocker. Sarah Jane is the first Doctor Who companion I ever saw on TV (in "The Brain of Morbius"- a perfect intro to the show), so in many ways, she's "the original" companion to me. She was certainly one of the best, that's for damn sure. This is our attempt to give Sarah Jane's story a proper "grace note" that wasn't possible on TV.

For those who obsess over such things, this story takes place some months after the Doctor Who episode "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" and the Sarah Jane Adventures episode "The Man Who Never Was".

Enjoy, folks. Many more pages to come. :)

And if while you're enjoying this comic, you feel like giving us a "tip", may I suggest giving to your local cancer charities. US readers may want to donate to this one: [link]
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Wow, you should draw for the real DW comics! those guys need some new artists! sometimes I coudlnt tell characters and when I could I couldn't tell expressions. I mean, they got some new ones just now but they aren't this good!