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Jaime Murray as The Doctor

Here's the second result of my "I'll draw anyone as the Doctor" commision special: Jaime Murray as the Doctor- as conceived by :iconle-letha:

As people who watch this page already know, my personal pick for the next Doctor is Ruth Wilson, but JM's another name that was on my "short list". She's already played a dangerous, rough-an-tumble time traveller (of sorts) on WAREHOUSE 13. She played a con artist for years on HUSTLE, and anyone who watched the second (and best) season of DEXTER knows she can do "dark". Sounds like the perfect CV for the part. Though part of me thinks she'd make an even better Romana- she'd fit Romana's "cool and unimpressed" vibe pretty perfectly.

The costume is a cross of British horse-riding clothes with a Zatanna-ish tailed coat and short top hat ("I wear a top hat now. Top hat's are... well, top."). The idea was something practical for adventuring, but also a bit more elegant than some of the more recent Doctors- a design more in the vein of William Hartnell, Jon Pertwee, and Paul McGann (and, if ya count him, Richard E. Grant). This incarnation's meant to have a bit of a "magic" vibe in the same way Peter Davison had a "cricket" vibe- lots of sleight-of-hand, escape artistry, etc. Bringing back Hartnell's ring and monocle was my idea. Women with monocles are cool (just look at Winona Ryder in HEATHERS). Okay, with the top hat it makes her look a bit like Mr. Peanut... but Mr. Peanut is cool too. Don't mess with Mr. Peanut.
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Nice work pal.