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Iris Wildthyme of Mars

Here's the wraparound cover for IRIS WILDTHYME OF MARS, the next Iris anthology from Obverse Books, coming this Summer.  This is my first go-round with Iris's Jane-Fonda-esque "Barbarella" incarnation (previously seen in the Doctor Who 8th Doctor novel "The Blue Angel").  A bit strange drawing this, after so many covers with the Katy Manning version- I kinda felt like I was cheating on her. ;)

Also, credit where it's due- the cover's a homage to the brilliant cover of Les Baxter's 1958 album SPACE ESCAPADE:…

Here's the synopsis from Obverse:

Is Mars a dead and sterile desert, or teeming with life? Are the Martians long gone, or waiting still? Will we become the Martians? Will humanity settle Mars in gleaming antiseptic domes, or terraform it into a lush new paradise? Will invaders from Earth come from the skies, raining down death on the innocent canal-dwellers? Are the Martians beautiful humanoids or tentacular monstrosities? Unfallen angels, devils welcoming us in order to corrupt us – or worse? Will humanity’s Mars colonies be utopian or hellish? How many different colours can you put in front of ‘Mars’ to make a clever title?

These Marses are, of course, mutually incompatible, contradictory and in many cases quite impossible. And Iris Wildthyme has visited them all.

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This is truly lovely!
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Is that Doctor Omega's Cosmos I see flying overhead?
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In my head it was more art deco. Now I can only imagine a silver phallus flying around with three Frenchmen canoodling inside. What an image?! That'd be an interesting Book to illustrate. You should try to get in contact with the dude who published it and convince him to do another printing with your artwork.
NyrathWiz's avatar
I think I see My Favorite Martian, and the bottle of perfume from Watchmen.
That creepy tentacle guy in the glass ball from Invaders from Mars. The head of the sand dragon from Outer Limits Invisible Enemy. Looks like the dancing guys from Santa Claus Conquerors the Martians. Aelita Queen of Mars talks to a Thark.
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Man, I really wished the Martian Manhunter was in this somehow.  Who says that only Krypton can have a native that becomes Earth's protector...? ;)
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I'm not confirming or denying anything, but you might want to give the pic a closer look for a glimpse of a character whose name may or may not rhyme with "John Jones". ;)
Al-Ocramed's avatar
BTW, I really do hope that, since the Time Lords have been re-introduced, we get to see both the fan favorites (i.e. the Master, Ramona, the Rani, etc.), but new Time Lords with interesting personalities.  I mean, I know all of them are suppose to be "brilliant", but doubt that all of them are equally smart or have the same interests.  But you know what my Whovian fantasy is?  James Bond officially sanctioned as a Time Lord.  I doubt it'll happen, but it would give credence to the running joke that Bond's different appearances and personalities is the result of him being a Time Lord, and that his Astin Martin is his "TARDIS".  Oh, well...
Al-Ocramed's avatar
Ha, ha, very funny.

But, I do like your "Doctor Who" stuff, so I am definitely glad that you are doing these things.  For that, I thank you for your contribution to the "Whovian" cause.  :-)
trav28's avatar
That is bloody amazing, love the Barbarella vibe :)
Very exciting and... hugger-mugger. So, after the multi-Iris 15th anniversary anthology, Iris: Fifteen, looks like Obverse are exploring more options with multiple Iris'. That sounds intriguing. When will this new anthology be released?
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Is that some characters from Aelita I see? :)
PaulHanley's avatar
Yep!  I'm a bit of a Russian film history nut. :)
OddMod-7's avatar
I've been studying Soviet Montage in University in fact :)
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Hey, i have made a picture on the similar idea. Great to se someone elses consept of the same idea.
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x3 this is alot of fun :D very retro scify
SynCallio's avatar
Loving all the references. Particularly Marvin.
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OHHHH wow ! I love it!
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Well this is awesome.
DANGERcomics's avatar
WOW! This so cool! Excellent work!!! +fav 
Is that the bus from the planet of the dead?
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("Price Is Right" losing horn)  The bus is Iris's iconic space/time/dimension traveling vehicle, which first appeared in multiple Doctor Who novels in the late 90s (and later some of Big FInish's audio stories).  I'm sure it had absolutely no influence whatsoever on the writers of PLANET OF THE DEAD. ;)  
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I can imagine Iris and Christia running into each other and having a big argument. Before running into Benny and River who are also having a big argument. And then they all save the day and get blistfully drunk together.
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