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Doctor Who: Fade Away pg 1




Okay, so... I'm not normally one to do "fan comics". Nothing against them, but they're hard to justify when I've got so many original projects languishing. However, a few weeks after the sad death of the great Nicholas Courtney, this story got stuck in my head and DEMANDED it see the light of day. Fortunately my talented bud and collaborator Shawn Van Briesen :iconvanbriesen: was down with bringing the story to life.

For those who obsess over such things, this story takes place between "The Pandorica Opens" and "A Christmas Carol", with the Doctor traveling alone while Amy and Rory attempt to enjoy their honeymoon.

This is the first of nine pages that we'll be loading over the weeks/ months to come. We're not gonna rush this- partially b/c I'll be out of the country for two weeks this month, but also b/c it's just not the kind of story ya do a substandard job on. Enjoy, folks. :)
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Did I see somewhere that this was eventually published somewhere?