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David Warner as the Doctor

Doctor Who sketch card #02
2.5" x 3.5" ink on Bristol.

Here's a subject I've been meaning to get around to for years- David Warner (one of my all-time fave actors) as the "alternate" 3rd Doctor from the excellent Big Finish stories "Sympathy for the Devil" and "Masters of War". Since his Doctor was more or less "born" in 90s Hong Kong I decided to base his costume on something that would fit in there- sort of a Chow Yun-Fat "Better Tomorrow" look.

UPDATE: Needed a change of pace tonight and decided to give this a quick digital color job. Just for a laff.
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for a moment I thought it was Harry Crow from The Scarifyers - it's a series of horror audio detective stories.

David Warner provides the voice for the character and Terry Molloy(the guy who played Davros) plays the part of Professor Dunning.

Just finished listening to The Horror of Loch Ness, it's got Satanists, Aleister Crowley, the loch ness frickin' monster, dinosaurs, Neanderthals, lovercraftian freaky monsters :giggle: :o :giggle: :o :giggle:

It's got MI13........just to explain MI1 codebreakers, MI2 used to be Scandinavian Intelligence, MI3 Aerial Reconaissance....MI5 & MI6 well

MI13 deal with the strange, the peculiar or as Prof. Dunning says "The downright weird!"