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Cinder- the War Doctor's companion

So this was an exciting one...

A lot of Who fans out there might know that today is the debut of George Mann's novel "Engines of War"- which for the first time gives us a story that happens completely within the Time War.  A much smaller fraction of fans who follow my Tumblr blog might also know that I've been working on a giant commission project for the last month that involves drawing almost all the Doctor Who companions from TV and other media.  Well, I'm lucky enough to know George a little bit, and he mentioned that "Engines" would feature a new companion- so of course I jumped at the chance to collaborate directly with him on depicting her.  This may not be a BBC-approved design, but it IS author-approved, which is the important part for me. :) 

George suggested singer Hayley Williams as a starting point for Cinder, and I wound up sticking pretty damn close to that facially (if this were an official gig, I would've kept that more subtle- but since it wasn't...).  Her costume is kind of Joan Jett meets Snake Plissken- very much a post-apocalyptic punk to compliment the War Doctor's own look.  The scavenged Dalek gun is based on descriptions in the book, with some aspects borrowed from a similar prototype toy Character Options showed off a few years ago (I don't think it was ever produced, sadly).  But if any really dedicated cosplayers or prop-builders out there ever want to try to recreate it, the body of the gun is an old French MAT-49.  

And by the way, I can't overstate this enough... pick up the novel- it's fantastic.  I realize I have a slight bias here, but it was a real joy to read and delivered WAY more then I expected from an official BBC tie-in book.  Even without the geek-out stuff (and there's a lot for New AND Classic series fans), it's just a damn good story.  It throws a lot of light on one of the most mysterious chapters of the Doctor's life, and depicts some stuff that's as epic on the character level as it is on the cosmic.  Once you've read it, you won't look at Hurt's scenes in "Day of the Doctor" the same way again. Hopefully this is just the first of many War Doctor novels, audios, comics, etc, etc.  Remember folks- all the 8th Doctor started with was 3/4 of a TV movie. ;)

It won't hit the US till September, but you lucky folks in the UK can get the novel right now:…
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Spotted your image of Cinder, the one in the centre of this upload, in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine today [issue 538, June 2019] for a Cosplay feature about a woman called Athena Stamos Cosplaying Cinder. The background thou is different as it's your War Doctor Tardis interior Cinder is standing in, and even this other upload is featured, in a white background. Your credited in the feature for both images. I don't know if read DWM so I thought I'd just mention it :)

Doctor Who Legacy- Cinder costume 2 by PaulHanley
PaulHanley's avatar
Oh yeah- totally done with my permission (they even interviewed me a bit for background on the article).  Thanks for keeping an eye out, though! :)
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Cool. Have not yet read it [well, maybe I have by the time you've read this comment], I just flicked through the pages and just came across your work, but glad you know :)
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This is basically the way I picture the character any time I read the book now. Finished it the first time then looked her up to see if there was any fan art or official look for her, saw this, said "yep, that's her". Can you imagine if they actually did get Hayley Williams to film or record stuff with John Hurt as Cinder. Extremely unlikely (and I have no idea how she'd be as an actress), but it would be amazing. Then again, just more on screen material for the War Doctor in General would be amazing.
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I haven't read the book but I've been hearing good things about it so it's definitely on my to read list :)
android65mar's avatar
A great depiction of this could have been character. Shame they couldn't adapt it for telly- love to see more John Hurt (always a fan of his predating any Whovian stuff).
Laharl234's avatar
Actually the War Doctor's I think tied with the Eleventh as my favourite incarnation. Just the fact that he's a warrior, not a healer, is a novelty. Wish there were video games with him, because he'd be perfect for more action-oriented gameplay over the stealth we've seen thus far.
always687's avatar
I just finished the novel, and I love your artwork! I had trouble figuring out how the gun looked, and now it makes sense! Cinder looks amazing.
doctorwholittle's avatar
CINDER!!!! Awe-inspiring art, as always, Mr Hanley!

(And, FYI, I ~still~ plan to do a cosplay of your 'interim' Eight. Loving the Civil War-inspired elements you chose.)
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Just added her in Doctor Who:Legacy!
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
I like how she also has a apocalyptic Ghostbuster look going.
PurpleChaos's avatar
whoops i confused cuinder and Antimony
darkshadow278's avatar
Would be surprising if Hayley Williams did play Cinder if she was added in the Day of the Doctor.
GJTProductions's avatar
Cinder reminds me of Ace, for some reason. (Would like to know what happened to Ace - best I can tell from the Wiki is that she ultimately joined the Time Lord Academy despite not being Gallifreyian. Did she survive the Time War? Is she stuck in the pocket dimension with Gallifrey? Did she escape somehow?)
Doctorwholovesthe80s's avatar
Well, according to this one episode of "Sarah Jane Adventures" she is running a multi-billion charity 'A Charitable Earth', so that is the most canonical fate for her as of now.
ChronoSFX's avatar
Would make a cool Cosplay design. 
ChronoSFX's avatar
Well... can't say it was a bad idea.  :)
4154165's avatar
This is so awesome!
Hadalis's avatar
Agree with you. Just read the novel and loved it. Beautiful image, by the way!
MikeMcelwee's avatar
I like this immensely!
CynicalClassicist's avatar
The War Doctor is such a gift for the Expanded Universe. There is so much potential.
PaulHanley's avatar
I agree.  It's weird that some old-school fans consider his Doctor a waste of a regeneration, when they're the same ones who rally around the Eighth Doctor (now)- he wouldn't be a fraction of what he is without all the expanded universe material that came later. We've only seen the tip of the iceberg with "Engines of War".
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