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December 28, 2009
Futura Series by ~PaulEnsane is one of the best wallpaper packs I have seen on dA in some time. It incorporates different light effects such as bokeh, glow and waves in multiple perfect and unique combinations. Definitely deserves a Daily Deviation!
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Suggested by salmanarif
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Futura Series

:star:[Futura Series]:star:
[Res] 1600x1200, 1280x1024 and 1920x1200
[Size] 30MB
[Format] JPG
[Notes] Its finally out! The pack that you've been waiting for!

So whats in it?? :)

  • Futura\Wind

  • Futura\Ocean

  • Futura\Space

  • Futura\Meteor

  • Futura\Sky

  • Futura\Phoenix

  • Futura\Obelisk

  • Futura\Frigus

I also included some EXTRA UNRELEASED stuff!!
  • Futura\Fire (The original Futura\Ocean).

  • Futura\Smoke (Unreleased).

  • Futura Flora (Nothing to do with the Futura Series really :P).

  • Futura Viridis 2 (Same as above, just an extra. A better version than the first Viridis).

Guys, this pack toke me ages to complete, so please, when you download, dont forget to +FAV it and COMMENT so I can know what you think.
You can also help by spreading it around and giving it to your friends.

Also check out Futura Series 2!!
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Absolutely brilliant! Mind if I use it for an Android theme as my wallpaper? Of course, I will give you 100% credit and will provide a link back to your website.
sammyycakess's avatar
Beautiful thank you!
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Beautiful work! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
Little-Whittle's avatar
Ok, wow. Amazing collection, thank you very much for these awesome walls!
alien260's avatar
Brilliant Pack!! Thanks!!
half-left's avatar
Great pack, really nice work.
C0DESUB's avatar
golebara's avatar
The watermark makes the wallpaper look unnatural. I personally dislike having watermark/copyright notice in wallpapers. But other than that, I love the wallpaper pack.
PaulEnsane's avatar
I had to put a watermark over them because I've seen some people use my wallpapers without permission. I tried making them as transparent as possible.
golebara's avatar
That's always going to happen, no matter what. It does not stop thieves from stealing/using your work. Watermarks can be removed with the right tools. At the end of the day, the watermark only distracts people who are using the wallpapers.

That's just my opinion but of course I respect others.
mcaputo123187's avatar
beautifuly done ^^*
TRGamer8's avatar
WOW, AWESOME WALLPAPERS!!!!!!!!!! :faint:=)=D
PaulEnsane's avatar
Excellent stuff!
PaulEnsane's avatar
jtp755's avatar
This pack is unbelievable! The quality and variations are perfect. Awesome job!!
PaulEnsane's avatar
Nigai's avatar
This is absolutely gorgeous!
PaulEnsane's avatar
Rubi-Era's avatar
I love it <3333
DreamOfFire's avatar
these are lovely! good work!=)
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