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Red Vision

By pauldng
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I did this artwork for one of my OC's last year as part of a chapter intro. I wanted to upload it sooner but for some reason I wasn't sure if I should.
I was drawing blood tears on this character and somehow I felt sad because in a way like my character my left eye was starting to lose its vision.
Looking in retrospect, I realized that the reason I held back was because it felt a bit too personal to share my issues with the world but somehow art does that.

The Rescue by pauldng  Disintergration by pauldng   My Bedroom by pauldng  Cat Boy by pauldng 
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yo who did this to harry pooter

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Thank you! :D

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Congratulations on the daily deviation!

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Thank you so much! :D

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YAAAASSSSS!!!! :la: THIS IS SO WELL-DESERVED, SUCH GOOD NEWS!!!! CONGRATULATIONS ON THE DD!!!!! :Flail: :happy: Everybody Bounce now -  King

So original, so creative, and so well done!!! It is perfect both in the creative and the technical sense!! Awesome painting, awesome DD, truly memorable piece!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thank you so much for the kind words B! :hug:

I was so surprised it happened. I was looking at the other DD's and felt really happy to be part of such an awesome selection. :happybounce: :squee:

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All the amazingness in this piece deserves it!!

Oh shoot! I meant to tell you and I was forgetting XD Your piece also got picked as the headliner piece on the DA Twitter tweet for today's DDs! Look!

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Gaaah I didn't know they shared it on twitter too. OMG i'm such a fossil LMAO

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hahahahahaha! X'D

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Harry Potter books got rather surreal since Cursed Child.

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Wonderful work!!! :clap: Congrats on your well earned DD!

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Thank you so much :D

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Love the piece shows a lot of emotion in it and the detail to the birds are amazing!

I share your pain about the eyes..mine have been going down for years..without glasses..I'm literally blind!

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thank you Cat!

Yeah. same here haha. I can't even leave home without glasses.

The worse part is having to wear face mask and glasses at the same time because of Covid. My glasses always get fogged up.

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There are these little clips that you can buy online like on Amazon that can help hold glasses up so they don't get foggy while wearing the mask!

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OMG THE SHADING/COLORING ON THIS IS SO GOOD!!!! The colors are amazing! the lighting! Wow! And the way you did all the feathers!!!

I'm so sorry to hear about your eye, though. :( :( Maybe it's something that can be fixed? Like adjusting the glasses lens prescription, or a screen that you're looking at isn't good for you, or an allergy? I understand it's a sensitive issue right now and you might not want to talk about it, but I just wanted to encourage you to explore options/possible causes with your doctor(s).

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Thank you so much B!

I believe I inherited my eyes from my mom's side of the family. Our eyes are very weak and easily get tired. My mom was recently diagnosed with macular degeneration. :'(

Thank you so much for the encouragement B! My condition isn't quite as severe yet but I can't help but think sometimes that my moms condition is just a pending eventuality for me.

(OMG that sounded kinda wrong and defeated but I'm still very much optimistic. LOL. I really appreciate the concern and advice B thank you)

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