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I saw this photograph during my usual lunch time break google search, and fell in love with the eyes instantly. I have no details for the picture and searched for hours to try and find the origins, I can tell you what camera, focal point, and date it was taken but of whom and by whom - sorry, i am not able to tell. I think it is of an Indian girl, but would be happy to be proven wrong.

I was going to call this SAD III, as I thought it would fit into the series of 'Sad' children that I have been drawing, having now stared at her for so long, i imagine her not being Sad bit just tired, perhaps lonely and as the title suggests melancholic - I could also be very wrong of course.

Anyway, a beautiful child, and a beautiful photograph - I just hope my drawing does it some justice.

For those interested in such things, i have tried a new technique of 'shading' on this drawing, following the advice of an incredible artist on DA - (he shall remain a secret at first to see if he comments on the drawing/style :) ) This meant it took longer to finish than normal and meant that i needed around 20 hours to finish.

All the usual tool - except no tissue this time :)

*******U P D A T E ******** U P D A T E ********
A big thanks to Orinoor [link] for letting me know not only who the photographer of the original piece is, but some fantastic information about where the photo was taken and incredibly the name of the girl in the photo!!

Her name is Valentina, and you can find out more about her and the Venezuelan community she comes from by visiting the photographers web site - Wojciech Wanzel - by pressing the link here [link]
Thanks again to Orinoor for making my day with this information :)
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This is beautiful! :-)
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I am glad you think so - it is one of my personal favourites :)
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I just wanna ask, how many hours you spent in every artwork?
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Depends on the size and complexity - a simple small A4 between 4-10 hours, a large A3 complex drawing can take more than 40 hours.
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wow! that's really fast for a very detailed shading of your deviation... 
anyway i just wanna know how i am slow in drawing.. and i think i need to add an effort on my drawing...

your talent is amazing Sir... I salute you! :D
I hope you get my english.. i am not good in english.
Absolutely breathtaking! Kudos to you Paul - You are truly gifted.
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You are very kind - thank you :)
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Glad you like it - thank you :)
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Found this pic on a site, It was listed as 50 Amazing pencil drawings and it is linked right to you dA account here, good stuff Paul !!
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Awesome - thanks for letting me know, very privileged :) 
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Much heart was put into this art work, it's like you can see inside the child's soul. Very well done.
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Thank you - It is one of my favourites, so I appreciate the kind words a lot :)
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You are so talented,
I love this drawing:)
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You are very kind - glad you like my drawing :)
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This is beautiful! You can almost feel the wind on her face!Earth 
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Thank you - appreciate the comment :)
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What sad world we live in
where all not all children
will ever learn to smile

One of your strongest & most emotional pieces, my friend :)
Paul-Shanghai's avatar
Glad you like this - it is one of my very most favourite references - a great photographer :)
WalkinginDreamlight's avatar
:wow: I've just seen the reference photo and then your drawing - I'm speechless at the comparison :wow:

Valentina, what a lovely name :)

Bravo! :clap:
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Surreal!!! Simply amazing.
Paul-Shanghai's avatar
Thank you - glad you like it :)
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