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i guess you can look on it as a child looking from behind the bars wanting to escape, or as a child peering through the bars at something (or someone) being held captive?

Either way I loved the reference picture, especially the way his nose and forehead pressed onto the bars, and how the hand hung on to support his weight. Reference image by Sascha Burkard (and yes I did buy the rights to copy )

Normal suspects helped me in my crime against art
Bristol Board A3 Smooth
Mechanical and Traditional pencils 4H t0 8B
Blending stump and various erasers and the odd glass of wine

Various people have asked me to do a smiling child - i have promised to do so (as soon as I find a reference photo I like enough )

Reference photo: © Sascha Burkard, fotolia
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35 mm
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Dec 31, 2012, 12:52:24 PM
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so moving and sad
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just Wow!!... and no watermark so it makes a sweet desktop background, thank you. And I ordered your book from Chive's mention. Look forward to some drool/amazement time!
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I am not really into watermarks - sort of destroys the whole reason for uploading work onto the internet! Not sure what book your on about?  Let me have a link please. 
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just WOW!! amazing work art :) definitely one of my favorites around DA
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That is incredibly kind of you to say - thank you :)
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it is amazing :O
Paul-Shanghai's avatar
Cheers - this is one of my favourites also :)
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I love your drawing dad ! Its epic dude!
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Thank you - appreciate the feedback :)
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Wow amazing like always, this is stunning :)
Paul-Shanghai's avatar
Glad you like it Georgia :)
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I'm amazed by the quality of your art-- how do you get such realistic shading?? :wow: Do you shade it ALL by hand? :faint:
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You are too kind, I have a long way to go and my shading needs immense improvement - but thank you :)

My shading technique changes dependant on what I am drawing - the metal of Iron Man's armour is very different to a child's face, and both require different techniques, for the boy in this picture, I use a circular technique, layering dark over light pencil strokes as required. I have moved away from using tissue (or my fingers :)) and tend to 'draw' the skin - which after practice isn't as difficult as it sounds. I also use a blending stump/stick to ensure you don't get harsh lines of different shades. Not sure this helps? there are some very good tutorials on DA - Including these two [link] and [link] - good luck and let me know how you get on :)
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i love all your work... it's so expressive... and it looks so great!!!! even as a photographer i just can't help adoring you :aww: please keep going!!!!
Paul-Shanghai's avatar
What a fantastic comment - thank you so much, it's words like yours that pick you up and make you want to keep on going :)
Isalovesphotography's avatar
that's great! ^,^ :hug:
btw i love your icon too ;) that's actually what made me take a look at your page! :D
Paul-Shanghai's avatar
Glad you like it - it's one of my favourite drawings :)
Isalovesphotography's avatar
:) bond's awesome, especially the new one ^,^ how about drawing silva? he's such an interesting character :) or do you already have?
Paul-Shanghai's avatar
I am assuming you have seen my Daniel Craig drawings? [link] and [link] I think he is an excellent Bond - dare I say it, the best Bond? (Sean is still a legend :)) I haven't drawn Silva - and I haven't seen many good drawing of him, hhmmmm perhaps a series of Bond villains :D
Isalovesphotography's avatar
i have :aww: he is!!! i think he's great :) a friend of me once said he hates this crying bond... but i think it's just profound to show some feelings too. aahhhh please silva, pleasepleaseplease for me and all the other silva-adorers!!!!
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