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USS Cardiff

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I've loved this ship since seeing it at the JoAT years ago.  Such an intriguing concept.
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Terran: Klassenda?
Norwegian: Klasse?
English: Class?
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Outstanding work here    Please is this a 3D model and if so where can I get?????
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Here it is in Bryce format - it's an old model, the textures aren't great, and it only looks good from one angle :-)…
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Reminds me of the Vulcan warp rings. Not so sure about the nacelles but in all a decent design. :)
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Now that's quite an interesting design...
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Ring drive, an under used warp propulsion design, theres something quite elegant about a ring that I find aesthetically pleasing 
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beautiful design alright, clean rendering and lighting sells this package. love it!,.
I first saw this and the top/side view on the JoAT site long ago and immediately loved it. Would love to see some scenes with it.
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I would have under-slung the secondary hull and lowered the ring to match.
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Yeah, where I put it the deflector would blast the bridge to atoms as soon as the ship went to warp. :-)
I don't think that would be a problem--check out the Steamrunner class.   The deflector is at the rear of the ship, under-slung between the aft end of the nacelles.  Top or bottom, it's okay because I'm sure by that time there's enough field-control tech available to not damage the ship when it's deployed.
Beautiful looking ship! Which period in the Trek universe is she from?
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Hello -I was thinking TNG era. I used the saucer section from a model I made of an Ambassador-class ship.
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I love this design! Will there be any more images of it? From different angles?
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 I did a top-front-side render and a couple of scenes with it, I'll try finding them on my old computer.
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I'd like to see those views too!  
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Fantastic! Thank you!
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