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Shades of Werner von Braun's Moon Exploration mission from the 1950's!

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Lovely pic. I really like it. I would never be so trusting of my luck though and would definitely be clipped into a tether of some sort. Haha!

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I tried a render with a tether and didn't like it- I decided they're wearing jet packs :-D

Great work! I love von Braun's moonships. Here's a rendering that I did many years ago that attempts to replicate one of Chesley Bonestell's incredible paintings of the moon fleet:

Station Test 02
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I know your work! And wasn't one of your images in the Piers Bizony "Art of NASA" book I had for Christmas? :-)

Thanks! And yes, that was one of my moonship images in the book.

I'd like to do more of them, but unfortunately TrueSpace no longer works on my Windows 10 system, and I haven't had the time to try to learn one of the many non-intuitive modeling programs out there like Blender or Hexagon, which, based on my inability to ever get them to do ANYTHING when I've tried, are MUCH more difficult to use than TrueSpace.

Cheers, and keep up the good work.

and then its OFF TO THE MOON!

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