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Hello everyone that still has me on the "Following" list!

Just passing trough to say that, well, I'm alive, iai! :D

I'll be posting one of my only 2 pictures i made this year shortly, the other one still needs coloring :P

Hope you enjoy, and thank you for not deleting me for this months of inactivity!
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Hi there!
Didn't posted anything for a while here. I've passed here just to say, well, that im alive (lol), and to say that im making this image for Romy. See she asked me to do art trade with her. She already finished her part, but i'm god damn SLOW! I already finished the characters, coloring them and all, but i'm still only at half in the background!

I can't post here, since we decided not to tell the one another what we where making. Basically, we selected what characters we wanted, and the other one draws a scene with them!

I hope my draw at least gets somewhere close to hers! We'll see in like, a day or so :D

Well, Journal over, Paulo Out!*

*Back to Photoshop XD
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Hi there!
This time my journal is going to be really tiny. I'm still organizing my stuff on my computer. As you can see, i got a new photo ID. That is an old screen of my latest Ratchet Draw, which i hope to be uploading in here as soon as i finish it. I'm having some troubles coloring it, since i'm really a master at this kinds of thing hehe.

I Also uploaded a lyric. It's not the best of all the lyrics in the world, however i think i expressed myself pretty good in that one. It's a lyric about a famous person who starts seeing how fake and material his world is, and when realizes that he left everything and everyone that was real and truthful to him, well, it hurts him badly.

I'm also making a gift to one of my oldest online friends, Romy. I can't say what it is, because she could read it here, but well, after i finish it i will say what it was. I just hope she likes this gift as much as she did last year one. :3

Well, by now it's all i have to say.
Stay good, and see you next time!
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Hi all.
I didn't posted anything here for such a long time ago, so, lets just do a tiny update. I stooped drawing full draws quite a while ago, I've sticked with quick sketches, mostly because I've ran out of that passion for draw i had when i started drawing those horrible Ty's I've made, lol. However, I've been talking around with Romy, and i might, when i get the popper time to, do something a little bit more complicated then just draw Lois or Brian in my Portuguese Worksheet lol, or a ship in my own desk at school (i draw one, I'll post it here later, unbelievable how my teacher didn't got me, it was HUGE, draw it in 15 minutes (and after, took a picture with my cellphone, and erase it as fast as i could), with lots of pauses not to get caught, it was in the last day of this period, we where just talking about concerts and stuff to kill time, so, when i got bored, i draw that ship.

By now, I'm arranging my page, spearing into folders the draws I've really finished and my sketches. I know there is an option on DA to upload unfinished work, but I'm still not going to use it, i prefer to create my own folders for that. I don't know, I'll see it later. I might start posting here more frequently my stupid sketches. You never now when one of them might get out really good, lol.

So, by now thats all. I'm going to organize my DA soon, maybe tomorrow when i wake up, it's really late by now. And since i'm out of computer again, because mother nature probably hates me (Rain, there was some lightnings, they stooped, i turned on my computer, and one hour later, right above my house, a really BIG and noisy one (i scream, i swear to God it was so loud that i jumped in my chair, that plus my sub-woofer making a extremely loud "BUM" noise because of the computers crash, was scary, the only thing damaged was my motherboard, a Gigabyte one, nothing more, the computer could work, but kind of bad, i had no Internet at all from that Ethernet port lol). What you don't know about all this, is that i have 2 UPS plugged in my system (one in my computer, one in the living room for the router and TV) + one resistance, so if the discharge come from the electrical lines, it wont burn up my system, yet it burned. Why? This one i didn't saw coming too, the stupid discharge came from the phone line, burned up my router, and my STUPID USELESS ROUTER passed the discharge over Ethernet to MY computer (thats why the "BUM" in my sub-woofer, the sound card sent a "bum" signal to it, really loud). This time i connected the phone line trough resistances too, this cannot happen again. And for even more security, start using WIRELESS, ^^". Oh well, now still waiting for my mobo get back from the store, i hope it gets back faster, I'm without my fast computer almost 3 weeks by now. It's incredible, how every single year, i have to get back at least one month to my old computer. At least this little beast doesn't die! Kind of my "Body guard", it's always there when my new ones die, (like the other one that burned up itself 8 times!). (I'm starting to think that he wants attention , so he kills my new ones to get me by o.o").

Well, thats all by now.

Maybe I'll post here something else another day. This looks like a good place for some writing, specially since not a lot of people read it ;)

See ya next time!
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Hi everyone!
I don't think anyone cares what i say, but eh, lets talk xp

I Get my Chemistry Exam results, and by one stupid point i couldn't pass it :/ I'll have to go to Fase 2 of the national exams, and starts studding today again u.u

Anyway, before this bad news, i've been working on this crazy project: Sonic, Tails, Ty, Amy, Ratchet, and Shadow @ Mc Donalds! It's not something like my Amy and the Hot day scrawl, this one is for serious, and it has a LOT more detail and accuracy! ^^"

I'm drawing each character into a A4 paper, vertical, and then i'll put them all together into a really big paper i'll buy wen this is finished (something like A2 or A1!) This one is really going to take a lot of time to finish, as i'm really slow and i'm not that accurate to draw as most of you. Meanwhile, i'm going to post each individual characters, as soon as they are ready (completed). By now, I have:

Amy        - 90%
Sonic      - 40%
Ratchet    - 70%
Ty         - 0%
Shadow     - 0% (maybe this one will not get into the picture, i'll see later)
Tails      - 0%
Background - 2% (in tests by now xP)

By now, i'm only going to include those characters, BUT, if I see the scenery too empty, im going to search for some more =p This one is going to be my BEST DRAW EVER, even if it's inferior in quality, it's going to be my biggest project since i started drawing xP

I've uploaded my unfinished Amy to my Scrap Section, if some one wants to see it, here is the… .

I would be pleased if some one commented here, nobody ever talks to me here, i fell lonely u.u

See you later!

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It was about time LOL
Finally, after 4 months, I get my money back, and i've already ordered my new computer! Next week it should be here for me to kill it LOL

My new PC is the next one:

- Intel i5 750
- P7P55D-E
- Kingston HyperX 4 GB 2000Mhz
- Fonte HX750W Corsair
- HD Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB
- Asus Ati HD 5870
- Noctua NH-D14
- Drive DVD RW
- Smc Pci SMCWPCI-N2 300Mbps
- 160 GB Seagate

I0m crazy to put the CPU @ 4 Ghz *.*
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Did you ever hated a store?
Really, i just want to get a tank and go with hit to Worten.
Just more 4 day's, and i can say "I'm without my computer for 2 months!"
Those stupid idiots, I'll get my money back, i swear!
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Hi everyone.
Finally i drew a picture i like!
See my Dartacan picture, and please comment!
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