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The Town of Lost Fairy

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Not for a real game but just an idea for my final assignment. I might refine it some more later

Game Concept:


The setting take place in a 20th Century
Europe Fairy tale, within an Alternative Past.
Historical Fairy tale a Dark undertone. The town
is a peaceful and quiet place home to many
artist seeking peace and quiet. The town is
known for their special type of flowers, the
Fairy flower which only grow under specific

Beneath all the beautiful and peaceful exterior
that the town present it has a mysterious
contradicting tales. One is of the peaceful &
loving Fairies within the forest that love to
help human, curing illness and giving guidance
to lost one. The other tells that the Fairies
are actually terrifying monster that harms
human, tricking and dragging them deep into
the forest of nightmare where they devour
their very existence.

Side Note

Fairies are mystical creature that do no
belong in our realm. Because of that the lost
Fairies fade out of existence if they stay in
our realm for too long. The one that fear for
its life chose to steal the existence of the human
in order to increase its own time until it
can find it way back home. Living being that
loses their very existence to the Fairies are
forgotten as if they’ve never existed in the first
place. This explains why the town has such few
inhabitants and feel somewhat lonely, considering
how peaceful and beautiful the place is.


The Story is about a Young Noble girl, Kaia, stricken
with an incurable illness, her family, after having
done everything in their power, grasp at the
last hope based on a fairy tale by sending her to
this small town in hope that the Fairies will save
their daughter. The Fairy tale talk about Fairies
that live within these mountain. They’re said to
have the ability to cure any kind of illness but at
a cost. Not alone she was escorted and guarded
by her Knight Sir Vandreau and taken cared of by
her aging handmaid.


My inspiration is Deracine, a first person VR
mystery puzzle solving game. It uses a realistic
approach in term of environment. In terms of
game mechanic there’s a similarities to Nier
Automata, in each play through you play as a
difference character, which reveal the different
perspective of each character and more depth to
the story and world. First play through you play
as The Young Noble Girl, Kaia, second you play as
her Knight, Sir Vandreau, who guard her, and lastly you play
The Lost Fairies, Fiona, that guide her.
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Wow! This is spectacular!
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Holy, exquisitely wondrous! This Enchanting Town of Lost Fairy is stunning and The Cathedral Tower looks incredible. The designs, marketplace, houses, bridges, stain glass doors, mansions, archways, roofs, towers, balconies, windows, doors, stairways, architecture, mountains, ledges, cliffs, crevices, snowfall, snow, hilltop, trees, leaves, grass, brush, plant life, flock of doves, flock of ravens, sky, clouds, sunlight, rays, reflection, street lanterns, light bulbs, decor, wind, atmosphere, hues, textures, composition, concept, uniqueness, lighting, colors, style, and other details are also magnificent. Amazingly Beautiful work! :iconfantasticplz:
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Otherwise known as Angoulême, France, but put in the middle of a mountain range. It's lovely still
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PATVITProfessional Digital Artist
Thank, but I actually used St. Colman's Cathedral for reference. Angoulême in France is more Romanesque rather than Gothic.
GenoveffaLutetiana's avatar
Well, the cathedral is of course Romanesque, but remembered more of the parish of Notre-Dame-d'Obézine in the city. Kinda has a reminiscence. But still, wherever the reference is, the picture is lovely
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LeDaverixHobbyist Digital Artist
i also love the mountaitns in the background :)
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SergeantDilkHobbyist Digital Artist
So pretty!
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chacrawarriorHobbyist General Artist
Why do I have the urge to look for 3 magical stones?
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PATVITProfessional Digital Artist
I don't get the reference?
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chacrawarriorHobbyist General Artist
The church looks like the temple of time of Ocarina of Time.
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PATVITProfessional Digital Artist
Gothic Cathedral tends to remind people of many things because it been used in so many games.
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SvenWolfstrom92Hobbyist Artist
This is very beautifully done, I love it
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Treasures-Of-WisdomHobbyist General Artist
This is beautiful!
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PhilosophyFrogHobbyist Traditional Artist
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DentlosHobbyist General Artist
Quite precarious.
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This is amazing. Great job!
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ElusiveFanaticStudent General Artist
Wow. Just wow
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Garrett2010Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome art! :-) It would be interesting knowing how much time this work required.
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PATVITProfessional Digital Artist
Thank, I actually didn't keep track of time, but I can definitely say that it took me a couple of days, maybe about 5 days or less? Most of the wasted time was due to experimenting and changing things multiple times. I'm still kinda learning and new to environment painting. It took a while because we aren't allowed to use 3D or photo bashing, everything has to be completely painted by ourselves for this Final Assignment.
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BAHauntStudent Digital Artist
Awesome art, great job
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NoreenGraceHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome work! ❤
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Luria92Student Digital Artist
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