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Okay, sorry for resubmitting it, but I ran into some trouble with the first version. Some slices left behind 'residues' on later slices, so you could see as many as 5 hands at the same time instead of 2 :(. Needless to say, had to fix it. Apparently its a problem with Animation Shop 3, because it seems to be fixed now I used ImagReady 7 instead.

I would appreciate it if people who faved it previously faved it again :3.

This emoticon depicts the feeling every artist on here has every now and then.
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im the same T. T
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so cheeky n.n.
hey...w8. i'm not that soft hearted....

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Oh, that's so awesome, cute and at tad sad at the end, but I love it :3
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*sniffles* That kinda describes me. I submit and present, and no one likes it, so sad.
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argh, computer made me had to favourite it then re-favourite it. lol.

But yes totally, I understand this lol, I just have a dinky gallery, heh.
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lol, that happens :P
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Woo...I love good emoticons (and I hate bad ones, but this one is good:D) I saw the other ones, and they're great too, love the two with the presents:D
Keep it up, you're good at them!
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very true

have an orange :orange:

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i guess this expresses the feelings of a lot of deviants (like me) ;)

it's also done really well :D
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very cool... will be usable on DA some day?
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Thanks :D! I hope it will be, but they closed down the emoticon submission quite a while ago (not the submit, but the submission for the DA emoticons). So I'm basically still waiting for them to re-open it again :).
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psh, they are dumb, this one is so cool :D
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Aaaawe, that is the most heart-wrenchingly cute little emote ever. Poor little guy...

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Aww! ^__^
That's adorable! I know just how it feels! :XD:
I love how it dejectedly drags away the picture at the end..! x3

I must fav this one! :lol:
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Thanks :D!
*gives you a crushing hug*
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aaauw thanx 4 extra crushing :hug:
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This is such a great emoticon, its about some much feeling to it, and many artist can relate to it. Very well done.
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