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On the wings of time

Created for :iconmanipulatethis: contest - a clock a peach and a crow Level 2

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:iconcocacolagirlie: [link] :iconericamarieart: [link] Why don't thumbs work??? UGGHHH!
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featured your wonderful work in my Journal [link] :iconspreadmoreloveplz:
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Time can truly fly. I love it.
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Funky work. I really like the textures and all the unique ideas. :)
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Thank you so much that means a lot because I truly admire your work! :hug:
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hey this is very nice! love how you gave wings to the objects
ik-ben-10eke's avatar
Wings of time, isn't that a title of a song?
The concept is lovely executed, well done :)
PattiPix's avatar
Oh I don't know - I always have a hard time naming my pieces - so I just picked that because of the clock and the wings... ;)
ik-ben-10eke's avatar
To my surprise it seems to be my style :)
PattiPix's avatar
HA! that is cool - I took a listen - liked the beat - can't understand it though - I only know English! ;) :giggle:
ik-ben-10eke's avatar
I don't know either, but it sounded like a song. I have to check it :)
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Graceful indeed, has a nice harmonic rhythm to it.
I also agree with the point thefantasim made.
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Nicely done, especially for level II. I agree with the comment that the texture is a bit heavy in the corner. Otherwise, you did a good job including the elements of the challenge. :aww:
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I like your idea, especially how you gave the clock the crow wings. :nod: One thing I do see is how your texture has gotten a little too heavy on the upper left hand side. Is there something you can do about that? If it was me, I would use the clone brush, but I don't know if you use Paint Shop or not, because the tool is different with PS. See what you can do, okay? :)
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Started making some changes - can you see what I have done so far? I have more to do - I kinda liked the strands going through it - but I can see what you mean there -
TheFantaSim's avatar
Yes, I do. And leaving some of the texture is okay, you just don't want it so over powering in one place that it fights with the area that is more important. The strands that are still there interacts with the stock.
BiBiARTs's avatar
wonderful work dear :love:
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