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Ahoy pirate rockers!
Finally my husbands new album "Across Open Seas" has arrived! Big thanks to all who were involved. You can stream it via his Bandcamp page and if you like what you hear, please buy the album. He put a lot of dedication in this record. I put a lot of love in the artwork, which you can also see in my latest submission and in the lyrics video below.

Thank you :heart:
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Getting started with lightworks for and with the wonderful music by my :heart: Michael Dietrich

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Hallo Ihr Lieben,

es soweit, ich biete einige meiner Bilder für alle Interessierten zum Kauf an.
Momentan habe ich nur eine kleine Anzahl zur Verfügung gestellt, wer spezielle Wünsche äußern möchte, kann das auch gerne tun.

Zum Material: Wie auch in den „Häufigen Fragen" zu lesen, handelt es sich hierbei nicht um gewöhnliche dünne Poster, sondern um hochwertiges, dickes Fotopapier, welches in einer Rolle geliefert wird.

Liebe Grüße


Hi everyone,

finally i´m offering some of my pictures for those who are interested in my art :)
At the moment only a small selection is available in the shop. If you like to see
some certain pictures there, please tell me, there´s still enough space!

It´s printed on a high quality thick photo paper..

Hugs and kisses
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It was a year full of work, nice work but also work, that really sucked.
I have to thank you for all the favs and nice comments and sorry for not answering most of them.

One thing, i´m really proud of: I had the chance to create a Digipack + 24 Pages Booklet for friends of mine. This is my selfmade dummy:… :D Now it´s printed and you can buy it at the stores (in Germany) and order it all over the world. I had two weeks to realize that project, did nothing else, but now i´m glad i did it! And if you´re into Cyber Gothic, then please check it out :)

Hope my english doesnt suck too hard ;)