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So... it's all about me and my problem with society.

In 2003 I moved with my family (back then there was only me and my parents) to some housing next to army. Nothing said I'll be so fucked up during the most needed part of life when it goes to society.
In 2004 I started walking to preschool. Back then it was only some fun stuff. But then here came 2006. And the worst 3 years of my life. Firstly I was bullied by one guy that was one class higher, but he stopped after a while when I said to girls (or teacher, I don't remember now) about him.
Later after... OH FUCKING BOY.
Jeremi Kozioł. After those years, I still remember his fucking name. He was the main one, he told EVERYFUCKINGONE to not even touch me. I've got bullied, no matter how hard I tried to be just like them. I was set to be an alien, the outcomer. I've got no friends howsoever and not even a single girl ever tried to be a good pal of mine. I had to do everything by my fucking own. Times when I need to be the most social around - they're lost by lots of faggots that bullied me during those three years. This happened to make my social life so fucked up even to this day.
Results of those 3 years:
-total shyness when it goes to girls
-me being sad when NO ONE notices me
-liking being alone with my phone that plays music
-having only a few of good pals in my current school
-and without that I wouldn't even be on youtube, deviantart and soundcloud or anywhere where I can get some friends.

I almost cried when I wrote that wall of text :'(

and that's why earlier today (or yesterday) I said that I love getting no emotions from anyone. :'(

image that fits: When schoolmates are bullying you... by Patryk1023

a note because not everyone understand that story: it can be good, right. but they're all my memories, so that's not a fiction. that actually happened.
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Thanks for sharring this mate. Ye know, when I looked at it, I almost cried.
Seriously. Some how I had it in my mind too. (i've been bullied for like more than 6 yrs., Shyness,and having no friends to be with.)
This thoughts will never leave.I am alone.

don't feel bad about it.
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*internet hug*
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*still holds that hug*
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*still hugging*
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unfair world Cry emote Cry emote

:hug:2 rvmp 
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I'm quite short tempered kid (yup, still a kid), so that has caused big problems... Maybe I'll write it out like you, but definitely not here in the comments.

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definitely not here. ikr
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I'm feeling the same way since I moved down to Florida, except the fact that 95% of my school are people I should not hang out with, they're bound to make trouble.
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I wasn't really bullied, but I understand your pain. I had 2 friends in school and no boyfriend to speak of. *sigh* thing is, 10 years later after graduation, and I'm still alone...
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there are lots of free boys here on dA.
for example me ;_;
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Eh, don't feel too bad. Eventually you will find someone. I just don't know how long that will take for me. After all, I'm only a little over 2 years from hitting 30.
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quite old :l
and you're so lonely... D:
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Old? Nah. While aging is required, maturing is optional. I have friends who are in their 40s and are gamers. 27 is nothing.
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we're not counting sunday gamers, yea?
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Don't feel bad, man. You're gonna be fine. Meow :3 
Same used to happen with me when I was a schooler. Now things going pretty well I think, but I'm still socially awkward a bit.
Be strong. Don't let damn bastards destroy you.
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I already moved in 2009, before I even heard of TF2 and GMod, but all that things are still inside of me, making me a bit of socially awkward...
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"The less you care, the happier you will be."
That helped me a lot.
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I don't care now what one says. They can joke with me. I will still not care, only smile. :3
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