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Hello BioWare fans,

Zaeed's artwork begins a new spate of  the crew members fan arts that I will be gradually revealing. I decided not to let you know who exactly because I do not want to spoil the surprise :). Further artworks will be more subtle, bad ass and emotional as I always try to make my next work better than the last one.

I write to inform that you will be able to see my Mass Effect fan arts in a full glory (yes yes without annoying "art by" tag :)) at BioWare's booth during San Diego Comic-Con. Plus I am currently working on a special art which I hope to deliver on time. I would like to encourage you to submit your own works. Let us prove that BioWare has the best fans in the world, let us make sure that BioWare again steals the show !!!!

Lastly you may take a gander at the interview that I did for site some time ago. It has been out there for a while so you can read it at your leisure if you want to. Hope you will find it interesting. Mind you that I am better with image than with word. ;)…

Okay, there is so much work ahead of me. Gotta work harder and need to level up.
Let me again sincerely thank you for your enormous support, kind words, patience and constructive criticism.

You guys are Amazing!!!
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god ur really good, stick men are my talent lol i wanted to ask if you would do a kaiden one? yes i am a addict
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I saw this site in high resolution, it is arranged here? 'Nice job, thank you.
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At typo meant to be really can't wait to see ur latest work
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Best of luck man really can't has fingers crossed that tali will be amongst them surprises.
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Please do Kaidan. Also would like to see vega. Your pics are amazing
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Your art work is outstanding, it deserves to go to San Diego Comic-Con and be viewed by the world!!!

It also deserves a huge amount of money from BioWare!!

I am just blown away by the quality of your work its like YOU can see the real life characters from Mass Effect.

And I have never I all my years of gaming been so attached to a group of fiction characters as I am with the crew from ME.

The only other game that has me thinking about it this much and listening to the OST on a daily basis is MGS..

Now there is a game you should do some art for (if you havent already) your style would work wonders in the MGS universe!!!!

Best of luck with your future artwork!!!
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Impressive work you done i love your pictures, you should do a sexy Ashley like she looks in ME3 :)
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As I went through your gallery I couldn't help but admire your efforts and all the while waxing more goddamn nostalgic. Your work on Mass Effect is beautiful and emotional. I don't know if you take requests, but if I could risk sounding arrogant and demanding, I have two. Could you depict the scene when Dr. Chakwas drinks on the job with Cmdr. Shepard? I feel like the scene was somehow cheapened a little by the graphics in the game, and I feel that your hands and mind would give that moment justice in its emotional weight. Could you also draw EDI and Joker? I always wished they could have more accessible conversations, they were so interesting to listen to! Thank you very much, I read your interview on blankmind, and it shocked me to hear that you are self-taught; I honestly thought you went to a school. You words and reasons for working your art have inspired me to work harder on my own art, so thank you again for that.
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i was looking up gears of war and saw your alien picture. then in the "other work" section i saw some of the mass effect pictures.....YOU SIR ARE AMAZING!!! i have never seen a more realistic version of the N7 crew members. you really hit the mark with them. Thank you for enriching my life (lol)
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I salute you good sir! :salute:
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Your "Art by" tag fits very well in your work and it would be a crime for people to not know who created it.

Honestly, your work belongs printed, framed, and in my game room. I really wish you could sell these as I would pay in a heart beat. Im sure I am not alone either.

Congrats on the Win. You deserve it for the effort you've put out. Im really excited for you and I am so glad Bioware scooped you up. Your fan art is possibly the best that has ever been made and it would be a crime for them not to hire you. Ive been a bioware fan for along time and it gives me a sense of peace to see them recruiting people like yourself. Its great to see talent like yours recognized and in this corporate run world, the little people are often overlooked.

Congrats again and I look forward to your contributions to Bioware's amazing lineup. The Best just got better!
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CONGRATS ON THE WIN!! you deserve to be hired; i thought you already worked for them when i saw the images!!
Do a badass Kaidan and I'll pass out!!
SECONDED. I'd be on the floor.
Your Mass Effect character series is amazing!!! Thanks for posting them. I can't stop looking at them and I can't wait to see what you create next!! I wish I had even half of your skills. Have fun at Comic Con!! :)
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If your work will be there, Bioware doesn't need to worry!
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Sounds good, you should check in ashley's new look, reckon you could make it amazing.

and personally i'm a miri fan, so i would be very glad if you could do more artwork of her.
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this is great news. I would say good luck but you don't need it
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I am in awe with your work, I can't possibly see how you could do it much better because I think it looks at its absolute best!:D But I have no doubts you will blow everyone away! Good luck and best wishes =)
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You're gonna do great out there, go rock the show and kick everyone else's asses!
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as soon as I heard Bioware was having an art contest, I thought of you. :D I don't think you'll have to worry about Bioware stealing the show--you can do it by yourself!!
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