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Mass Effect 3 Thane Krios

Personal art of Mass Effect.
The fourth picture featuring Thane Krios

The whole image is deprived of rich colors, and is kept in a blue tint. I also included some glow and volumentric light. All this was made to emphasize Thane's personality as an assassin.

You can sense some jagged/uneven edges and little "ghosting" elements. This was done deliberately in order to give the artwork the sense of motion. An effect as if the viewer snapped a frame or paused the video and caught Thane in a position in which he is about to use his powers (just imagine him raising hand with biotics powering up).

No photo tracing, overpainting or 3d models were used here. However I used some ME screenshots and hand pic for reference. I also played around with some textures to give the Thane's cloths more realistic look. The original size is A4 with 300dpi. This is the fan and"skills-showing" portfolio art, so no copyright infringement was intended.
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He was always so epic. I cried in ME3.
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i miss Thane
Good job with this!
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Thane is a fantastic character from the Mass Effect trilogy, and he is by far, the most underrated characters in the story.
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oh my lord this is amazing
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I adore this pic! :la: I love all the details- the colors and shadows and glowing parts- except one. :stare: The middle two fingers of a Drell hand are fused together.
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I love Thane Krios! He's one of my favorite characters! =D <3
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Thane has a pretty cool voice. this picture.. how do you manage to get the pose just so perfect for each character?
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This is awesome! I love your work!
Best artwork of Thane I've seen yet! I want this, exactly as this image is, in a litho.
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This has a really strange appearance to it; it messes with my eyes - in a good way. If I squint it's like I could actually reach out and touch him... weird! But I love it! Thane is my second favourite character in the ME games, and you have defo done him justice here! Well done, instant Fav! <3
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Love you so much Thane!
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Just to let you know, someone stole your art and is selling it on ebay [link]
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i cryed when thane die!
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cant wait to see thane in a movie (so long as they dont fuck up the 1st)
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"Your a great protector Sihah. But some things are beyond even you."
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