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Mass Effect 3 - Shepard

Personal art of Mass Effect.
The second picture featuring Shepard

The very goal behind this was to depict Shepard as a leader. To capture him in a moment of decision (so important for ME games) or inside struggle with the consequences of his actions. The empty gaze and dark gloomy room are to emphasize the emotional aspect of it. The blood and wounds are to show that he has been through battles and skirmishes (2nd important thing in ME games). All in all, the whole piece is less effective in terms of action, but leaves the viewer with something to ponder on.

Just like in the previous arts this was made to look like an offical artwork (just think of of as if it was an actual cover for the game box, artbook or poster. You can even check and see that this image would fit perfectly for Mass Effect section on BioWare site :)).

No photo tracing, overpainting or 3d models were used here. I only went for a reference for hands position (not for the details), and ME2 screenshots. Lots of details stayed in the dark while others were heavily exposed, this is because I wanted to keep it in high contrast and "atmoshperic". Have to say that I had a lot of fun creating this picture, and I learnt alot, especially with lighting the skin which is hit by an artificial light. The original size is A4 with 300dpi. This is the fan and"skills-showing" portfolio art, so no copyright infringement was intended.
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you have touched my heart. Thanks.
Raider-49's avatar
Wonderful job.
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What a masterpiece..
just beautiful. It shows how Mass Effect leaves the player after important choices and how emotionally affected a player can get after doing the wrong choice and just realizing it when it's too late. (personal experience)
MorganaTrevelyan's avatar
still waiting for Femshep version Wink/Razz :) (Smile) :D (Big Grin) 
VixenandIndigo's avatar
You've achieved something beautiful here
Gacktdirge17's avatar
Shepard's human side 
1bestdealever1's avatar
this image is a PERFECT representation of what he was going through. imagine having all galaxy's lives in your hands. can you save them? or loose them all?
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I loved these games so much but the ending was BLAH!? Besides the point. This piece of work really captured the somber mood and dark atmosphere to the realities if this game. This is truly awesome!
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This guy looks like he's asking himself if it was worth it
halkeye20's avatar
these scars represent the prices i had to pay, for all the evil things i had to do. to save the galaxy from extinction.
Rudi52525's avatar
depressed renegade shepard.
Lanca226's avatar
This guy made some dark choices.
AI09CZ's avatar
You're arts are astonishing and awesome bro,keep up the good work...
this one is my favorite...
Canadian-Lunatic's avatar
The markings on his face remind me of one of Tom Hanks characters in the Cloud Atlas movie. Just look at the cover of it.
Sas-Star's avatar
Rewelacja mój faworyt szkoda ze nie wersji żeńskiej :D Może by dało rade coś wykombinować? 
scarreach's avatar
A lot of emotion, damn awesome.
VakarianGirl's avatar
Congratulations on another stunning piece. I can ony dream of having your talent, my friend. The mood, thoughtfulness and ambivalence in this image are all very tangible!
Senram's avatar
Another spectacular piece. :)
i want this as a print :( if you ever decide let me know.
simmons1101's avatar
Really focuses on Shep's humanity and the weight he has to carry....a classic piece.
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