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July 14, 2012
Mass Effect 3 - Legion by *patryk-garrett is a stunning work of art with a very meticulous attention to detail that does this character justice, this is a masterpiece. Truly epic with a healthy side of awesomesauce
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Mass Effect 3 - Legion

Personal art of Mass Effect.
The tenth picture featuring Legion

The piece is set in an outside planet location where Legion is covered with falling ashes/cinders and some dirt. Part of his head and armor is smashed and holds scratches
I let myself introducing some changes of my own in Legion's apperance: Generally I tried to give him a bit more haunting and hostile look. A little reminder that he is not a lamp but one deadly and useful ally.

Song for the mindset: [link]

No photo tracing or 3D models were used here. Some elements of the background were overpainted. I also used couple of screenshots as references and bunch of photo textures. The armor lighting was inspired by the Iron Man render I once saw. The original size is A4 with 300dpi. This is just a .... well you guys know what this is :)
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BitsyVonTrapp's avatar

This is stunning. Is this available for purchase anywhere? I'd love to have this in my house.

the-Scarlet-Queen's avatar

The best and the most favorite character EVER. Your work is great. Yes, he might be very deadly. But also he is the best friend)

ThadiusTheThird's avatar
This is Awesome! Legion is epic and this work of him is epic!
man this artwork is damn brilliant. very nice work patryk
VorpMachine's avatar
Legion is my favourite companion in the ME trilogy <3 
AranelTa's avatar
I am not sure if you are aware, but I saw this print on Amazon for sale as a poster and or canvas print.  Just wanted to let you know.  I love your work and would hate for someone to profit off of something that you put so much time into.
315Photography's avatar
Incredibly well done
TimespliTT's avatar
Is the red line removed in 3 cant remember
tron1112's avatar
Dose this unit have a soul
AmberstarofThunder's avatar
Am I the only one who thinks that after all the stuff this guy went through before and during ME2, the least his people could have done was build him a new platform? I mean, come on; this guy took some serious damage. I always thought that, personally, there was a very not-cool reason the Geth didn't at least fix him up a bit...
the-Scarlet-Queen's avatar

In my personal story, Legion carries many upgrades which are incompatible with geth hardware, and because of war the Consensus might not be able to create something very new just for him.

sharknob's avatar
Awesome stuff!! 
ayakolove300's avatar
Svrah's avatar
You dont happen to sell prints do you? I would love to buy a full set of these character portraits
This is great! I always wished that I would get more time with Legion in ME2. Unfortunately by the time you get him, you will have finished almost every other story mission. I wish they'd brought Legion back as a companion in ME3. Regardless, this is a great depiction of Legion. I like the way you used the color blue in this. It makes me feel cold. Which I think is appropriate for a robot who makes decisions based on logic and consensus.
the-Scarlet-Queen's avatar

With the Gibbed save editor, you can add Legion to your squad in the beginning of the game)) Just don't forget to remove him with the same editor before his recruiting mission, because otherwise there will be bugs in his dialogue.

conflig's avatar
absolutely love this 
SpinosaurusDinosaur's avatar
Daang! Perfect, beyond amazing!
Moviuro's avatar
Hi patryk-garrett!

I'm seriously considering downloading and printing some items of your Mass Effect gallery to put on display in my house: is that any problem?
Also, I'd also like to ask if you have your ME portraits available at a higher resolution? (So that the print stays nice and sharp)

I'm kind of a noob here on DeviantArt, I just hope I won't miss your answer.
EvilPowny's avatar
One of my favorite works on this site its just so amazing in every way.
goblinballadeer's avatar
Wow, wonderfully atmospheric.  Legion looks downright scary.
freakyskull516's avatar
my legion died *sob* why couldnt it have been jack...
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