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Mass Effect 3 - Jack

Personal art of Mass Effect.
The seventh picture featuring Jack aka "Subject Zero"

I went for a classical model (and very poster like) back pose. Jack is kinda walking off after finished fight (in meant to resemble the last seconds of Deus EX HR trailer ). I took a lot of time to polish up the facial elements and tattoos. You can actually notice that the "human" tatoo at the back and the zipper from none-final version of Jack were added. They look so cool so I had to implement them. I also have conceptual versions with different hair styles.

No photo tracing or 3D models were used here. However I used the ME2 screenshots, model photo references for the hands, back as well as some small elements like stripes/belts. The original size is A4 with 300dpi. This is the fan and"skills-showing" portfolio art, so no copyright infringement was intended.
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This is awesome!
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Absolutely stunning.  Conveys both her deadliness and vulnerability.  She looks graceful in this pose.
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This is incredible, I really appreciate the amount of detail and emotion in this. You're one of my favourite artists- your work is consistently excellent.
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Pięknie wyszło!
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I need these as wall posters!!!!!! Do you have any for sale???
Short-Change-Hero's avatar
OMG your art is amazing! *_* Is there anywhere I can get these as posters? Some are on ebay but not all of them. :P X3 That'd be amazing.
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I like how you show the loneliness and pain she lives with. I doubt she'll ever look like that infront of anyone, including herself, even tho it is who she is. Nice artwork!
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I really wish I could buy this piece. 
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Aahhh jack... my favourite character in the entire me series... and you captured her essence so well in this picture... instant fav. And instant watch also.
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Great job. I prefer the hairless version of Jack. There's something minimal and elegant about the way she looks...
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amazing love it! im hoping to make this into a poster for my room =D
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I honestly wish they kept Jack's ME 2 look in ME 3.
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they did just not playable
This and all the other ME works of yours are utterly amazing, this one's probably my favorite of them all(this is partly influenced by Jack being one of my favorite characters from the series). Too bad you never ended up doing pictures of female Shepard or Liara would have so loved seeing your versions of both of them(especially Liara who is my most favorite character in ME)
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She is my favourite female character on Mass Effect :D Gorgeous artwork! Why dont you say where are you from? Ukraine? 
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I love your work.
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Stunning Artwork
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Thanks for a greta Job!
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