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Mass Effect 3 - Grunt



Personal art of Mass Effect.
The fifth picture featuring Grunt
I tried to catch savage/killer look in that work. As well as to introduce interesting/badass pose (which I find is quite challenging because of Krogans' unique build). It may not be the most interesting image out there but I think it kinda catches Grunts' love to fight.

Just like in Garrus' case there are elements of armor which are worn/destroyed, for instance the chest part which is smashed and therefore it doesn't produce the light.
In the first concept I planned to set Grunt on Tuchanka but being inspired by ME3 trailer I went for atmoshperic outdoor enviroment with blue tint and violent yellowish daylight. I decided to equip Grunt with IM-622 Avalanche aka "Cryo-Blaster". It is a nice "little" toy which tubes produce characteristic blue lighting that I thought would work perfectly for the piece. There are some elements of this image that I am not fully happy with (gauntlets are one of them) but I can't keep on making it forever.

No photo tracing, overpainting or 3D models were used here. However I used ME2 screenshots for references (armor elements, Grunt's face and the gun) and textured brushes. The original size is A4 with 300dpi. This is the fan and"skills-showing" portfolio art, so no copyright infringement was intended.
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Your work is amazing! May I print some for some at home decor?? My home needs some Mass effect decor & yours are just stunning! 🙏🏻