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Mass Effect 3 - E3 Wallpaper



Personal art of Mass Effect.

I had started to create this artwork when the GI cover appeared. It is a loose and conceptual piece in which I have been tryng some new things, I thought I would turn it into a wallpaper on the occasion of upcoming E3 :).

The picture shows one possible variation of Femshep look since she is fully customizable; her facial appereance may not suit some players' preferences. The face comes from the portrait I did for practice puropses some time ago. I just used it as a base and redid it by adding some femshep face features. On my blog you can see my example of how GI (or any other magazine) cover featuring Femshep would have looked like. I had browsed the net and found some really inspirational versions of her done by other players so there are propably going to be more Femshep arts in the future.

No photo tracing or 3d models were used here. However two elements in particular were overpainted: namely the galactic map and some space parts (I used the milky way and earth photos. Both were taken from NASA's site). Traditionally bunch of in-game screenshots and some photo textures greatly helped to create this artwork. This is the fan and"skills-showing" portfolio art, so no copyright infringement was intended.
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I Like the integration of real Nasa photography, great artwork!