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Mass Effect 2

Man what a game!! You gotta love Bioware for what they done.
My fan art number two. I used some photo textures at the back. The main idea was to make it look like some kind of promo art. There was no problem with the face and clothes since there are some references to be found on the net.
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Im in love with ur art :wow: rvmp (Want to know "HOW" haha)
Picture is magnificent !Deadpool - In love 
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Love the detail and emotion of this piece.
I can picture Shepard saying something like "I told you if you go I go with you" in this moment
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OMG! I LOVE this pic :)) <3<3<3
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ME2 is the best game ever made, and this picture is perfect!
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Wow this is absolutely fantastic. I love every single detail about this. The colors, textures, and lines are all so spectacular. And the emotion on their faces. This is wonderful.
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This picture I think looks a like it would of been set on earth in me3 but thats just my opinion.
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Lovely work!
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Really nice....this one !
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I got no words... bloody brilliant
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This is simply amazing.

Thanks for sharing,

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Saw awesome... I really am in love with this game....
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nice job! it really does look like promo art just slap on some quote and a title and you're set!!
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very nice i llike mass effect so much .. recently i ended the third
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the words truly van't describe your art ! bravo . . .
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I just beat it Monday!! :D Female Shepard but she was loveless >.>
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Wow, words can not describe how amazing this is....bravo! :clap:
omg its amazing that emotions you can feel when you get good pics like this
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Look at your men now look at me now back to your men now back to me, I'm not one of your men
now look at your men now back to me, I'm flipping you off
now look at your men, they're all dead. Why? Cause I'm Commander Shepard and you messing with my woman >:
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Fantastic work. Miranda's expression especially is amazing.
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