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Beauty and the Beast

The image showing classical love story tale featuring the beast and beauty.
Inspiration came from Ridley Scott's movie Legend and Disney's animation Beauty and the Beast from 1991. The goal was to build a fairy tale atmosphere (that is why warmer colors were used) but keeping the characters and the enviroment more adult. Some references were used only for the dress. I gave the whole piece more paintery style and kept it less digital thus the image is not perfectly rendered in some areas.

The whole artwork took about 3 days to finish and was done in CS2. Hope you like it.
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I was wondering why you made the woman ashen/dirty? is it because she was tainted by the beast? or her surroundings? thank you

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I've been looking for an illustration with this exact emotional content for a short story about the real darker ending of Beauty and the Beast.
Because Beauty loves that Beast. What is she supposed to do with the Prince she's left with at the end of the usual versions? It never sat right with me.
Not every girl wants a Prince. Especially not this one.

I would love to use this image for a book cover on Wattpad. I'm poor but I believe in artists getting paid :) Let me know if we can work something out.
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This is amazing! <3
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a different Beauty and a different Beast is amazing so pretty fantastic original.
at least yougot inspiration from there, here . . . bla bla excellent art thanks  to you.

and you create a really so good scene of Beauty and the Beast, 

not as the other drawings based in the fu++++ sh+++t of disney,  a lot of drawings and paintings:  Copy of Disney., yes, so good painting, so nice drawing and technicals bla bla bla... COPY.
But his one is really a different, original, canyou imagine how it was the image and customs and clothes of Beauty and Beast at 70´s  or 80`s ?  since the disney work arrived, imagination and creativity has decreased, is dead, and "artists"  copy the styles.

So good and glad appreciate your work, even because I´m fan of the tale and I have my book by Grimm Brothers.
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this is spectacular, awesome interpretation
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I really love this interpretation and the emotion on the faces and the emotion the colors infuse. Great job!
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This is really amazing, this actually should be a DD :wow:
You have such a talent!
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is there somewhere i can purchase this as a print?
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beautiful but sad :bow:
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This is sooo gorgeous O.O
I like how the darkness contrasts with Beauty's fair hair and skin as well as the colours in the backdrop
Their skins look a bit like marble, giving the impression that they are statues, standing together through time...
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did you create this. i think its wonderful
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Hi. This art is stunning, perfect for the music I just created. I have used it as the track art - it's a non-commercial piece, just for the love of music. If you object, please message me on SoundCloud. The music can be found here: [link]
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I have credited you in the description.
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This screams of desperation, him for her to stay, and her wanting to stay but needing to go. Or at least that's what I got from it. :D LOVE.
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Although I am a HUGE Mass Effect fan...this has to be my fav piece from you. Bravo!
This is lovely!

Beauty and the entire tone of the image fit the slaughtering of "Beauty and the Beast" that I'm writing, though my Beast looks different.
As many people have said, this is fantastic! keep up the good work! :]
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This is absolutely gorgeous!
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your images have such incredible textures!!
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