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i lost.
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i...have to go buy a new shelf now, because i do not have enough space at all to put all my stuff...
but when i come back, i will...try to comprehend everything at dA here...?

on top of my bursting inbox, i now have to figure out odd things like llama badges, a whole new layout, and groups.

more later when i come back from shopping.

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2:15 AM

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If you've left a comment somewhere, and I haven't replied...don't worry, I will. Definitely before September, because after that, I will be dealing with the totally new world known as "Very over-priced university education". The only good thing is, perhaps the new environment will inspire me to create/write something new.

If you've +faved something, you may not get a reply for a while. Fast internet will be arriving and giving dial-up the proverbial boot in mid-September, and that will be when I can actually load dA user galleries without having to tear my hair out during the very long wait. But September equates to school starting, so that probably means less dA time. I'll be back on (as much as I am now) probably in mid December, after exams. But, thank you in advance. (:

I have...more art, actually. Mostly photos. But, I don't think they're as good, so I might not upload them. D: Maybe in the future. Maybe. ><

I've been procrastinating lately about stuff I should be doing, stuff I should be preparing...but am not. I have to finish them soon, so, I'll make a promise here that I'll start tomorrow. And hopefully finish at least one item on the list. D:

Meh. Downloading video right now, so I can't do anything on dA.
I guess I'll just do random web designs again. XD

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i logged in today to find that i have 292 messages in my inbox.


yesterday, i had just managed to cut my inbox down to only 9 messages. in fact, that wasn't even yesterday. that was eleven hours ago.

so, where did the other 283 messages come from?

-gulps- it's from my newest (and so far, only) visual poetry submission at dA. "writer's block". i can't thank everyone enough for all the support and love they've shown for it, and i don't really know what to say right now since i'm completely shell-shocked. O:

i'll try my best to answer all the messages. i have to, because i won't be able to do it once school starts.

thank you everyone once again. <3

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yes, yes! there will be plenty of *new* uploads from me today...after i go exercise. which means, i'll be uploading stuff in just over an hour or so. :D yay~

basically, today's upload will be stuff from visual art and/or writer's craft courses that i still haven't uploaded yet, photos that i somehow forgot about, and panographies that i finally took the time to stitch together today.

i had no idea i also had so much quarter-finished art / scraps on my computer, either. they're...pathetic though, since all of them are from the time when i really, really sucked at making stuff on the computer. XD time to send to the recycle bin...

yeah, so, exercise, here i come.
be back in one (1) hour. XD

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-speechlessly pointing the slice of cake at top corner of profile-

look! look! a birthday badge! i "enjoys birthday shenanigans"! yay!

-runs around in triangles like the alien she is-

XD Haha, it's my first badge~ Yay. I'm not even quite sure how I got it. I think it's from submitting the colouring contest thing. I was thinking it was from dAtribes, but it can't be; my friends joined in, and I haven't seen badges on their profiles yet. -shrugs- Yay, badge.

40 messages and 342 deviations to go. Whee~ O.o

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