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If you've left a comment somewhere, and I haven't replied...don't worry, I will. Definitely before September, because after that, I will be dealing with the totally new world known as "Very over-priced university education". The only good thing is, perhaps the new environment will inspire me to create/write something new.

If you've +faved something, you may not get a reply for a while. Fast internet will be arriving and giving dial-up the proverbial boot in mid-September, and that will be when I can actually load dA user galleries without having to tear my hair out during the very long wait. But September equates to school starting, so that probably means less dA time. I'll be back on (as much as I am now) probably in mid December, after exams. But, thank you in advance. (:

I have...more art, actually. Mostly photos. But, I don't think they're as good, so I might not upload them. D: Maybe in the future. Maybe. ><

I've been procrastinating lately about stuff I should be doing, stuff I should be preparing...but am not. I have to finish them soon, so, I'll make a promise here that I'll start tomorrow. And hopefully finish at least one item on the list. D:

Meh. Downloading video right now, so I can't do anything on dA.
I guess I'll just do random web designs again. XD

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what are you studying?