i feel...faint.

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By patronus4000

i logged in today to find...to find that i have 292 messages in my inbox.


yesterday, i had just managed to cut my inbox down to only 9 messages. in fact, that wasn't even yesterday. that was eleven hours ago.

so, where did the other 283 messages come from?

-gulps- it's from my newest (and so far, only) visual poetry submission at dA. "writer's block". i can't thank everyone enough for all the support and love they've shown for it, and i don't really know what to say right now since i'm completely shell-shocked. O:

i'll try my best to answer all the messages. i have to, because i won't be able to do it once school starts.

thank you everyone once again. <3

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Youch, that can be pretty overwhelming, I'm sure. I fave'd it mainly because it stuck out among all the fan art shit there is on the site now. That, plus it's truly unique how you set it up. That deserves my admiration.
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Well, thankyouthankyouthankyou for your fav + admiration. XD I really do appreciate all of it; it's just unbelievable that so many people like it. O.o (Haha, I underestimate myself...?)

Oops. I might have uploaded some of that fan art crap too. ^^" (No offense taken though, so don't worry.)
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Nah, don't worry about it. It's not really too big of a deal to me. I'm just particularly poking at the recolors and traced images that people seem to be doing more and more. It's cheap and uncreative, so there's nothing to fear.
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Ah, I agree about that too. ]=
Hopefully, all of those "artists" will grow out of it though. They need to start somewhere, I guess.
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I wish I could believe that the development of these growing visionaries would result from their extraction of what artistic strategies they were adjusting to in the past, but sadly this is not always the case. There will always be the people who have been completely taken over by the obsession they have for useless goods. It tends to plague their mindset and prevents any new lessons that might have otherwise been learned through practice of other types of art. Our world is in deep crud, it seems.
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That is the sad truth.
Mass media (read: mass hysteria) is horribly limiting on some individuals' creativity, who, in perhaps another setting, may have really flourished.
Then again, mass media does push some to try to be unique, and in that way, innovation continues.
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Oh yes, pop culture influences us in many different ways, as does violence and romance. There are so many other things to study and endless amounts of unused muses. The innovation becomes the mundane so quickly due to mass hysteria over something that lacks great detail and somehow passes through our hearts and makes us fall in love with it. It's a tragedy, but there in itself is an art.
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OMG that's insanely awesome. Glad your artwork got so much attention. It totally deserves it. Have fun responding to all those messages. :3 :heart:
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thank you. <3
haha, i will, although i'm not sure if time will allow me to. -turns around to look at time, who is standing behind her tapping its foot impatiently-

[ by the way, thanks for the watch and adding "freshly squeezed" to your favourites. <3 ]
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Yeah. Good luck with that. May the force be with you.

Ok, that was nerdy.>////< But I shall not retract my statement.

You're welcome. your work is neat, and quirky. I love quirky. Which is they only way I can describe it. :heart:
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Thank you. I'll need both - luck, /and/ the Force.

That's okay. Nerds are cool. I like nerds. XD

Yay~ I'm not crazy enough to be completely ignored! :P
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Yeah. I feel we all need the force at some point in life. U_U

Yay. I'm liked. XD

Why would you be ignored? How can you ignore awesome? :heart:
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lol wow thats halarious
patronus4000's avatar
xD ^^" i still feel that way when i stare at the huge number.

sensei! i don't know how i'm going to complete that mission to clean out my inbox anymore! O:
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delete and say your alter ego manage to take over your normal self and give you amnesia =D
patronus4000's avatar
(i already have amnesia. it's been a running joke the past couple of years...i don't even remember how it started.)
and after i do that, everyone will hate me. D: and then i get booted from dA.
jellybeanstar's avatar
(lol its like its a third person)

lol leprahuan (sp) girl and squirrel girl will support you!
patronus4000's avatar
( indeed. or i can just say, "i left my computer to cook instant noodles, and my parents saw the messages, didn't know what they were, and deleted all of them." O.O )

yay~ i feel a bit relieved already. ^-^
( 'leprechaun' is hard to spell indeed. good thing firefox has auto spell check. XD )
jellybeanstar's avatar
(lol funny )

lucky no wonder i can't spell it I'm using explorer
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