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i...have to go buy a new shelf now, because i do not have enough space at all to put all my stuff...
but when i come back, i will...try to comprehend everything at dA here...?

on top of my bursting inbox, i now have to figure out odd things like llama badges, a whole new layout, and groups.

more later when i come back from shopping.

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2:15 AM

[ 249 deviations, 22 messages. ]

If you've left a comment somewhere, and I haven't replied...don't worry, I will. Definitely before September, because after that, I will be dealing with the totally new world known as "Very over-priced university education". The only good thing is, perhaps the new environment will inspire me to create/write something new.

If you've +faved something, you may not get a reply for a while. Fast internet will be arriving and giving dial-up the proverbial boot in mid-September, and that will be when I can actually load dA user galleries without having to tear my hair out during the very long wait. But September equates to school starting, so that probably means less dA time. I'll be back on (as much as I am now) probably in mid December, after exams. But, thank you in advance. (:

I have...more art, actually. Mostly photos. But, I don't think they're as good, so I might not upload them. D: Maybe in the future. Maybe. ><

I've been procrastinating lately about stuff I should be doing, stuff I should be preparing...but am not. I have to finish them soon, so, I'll make a promise here that I'll start tomorrow. And hopefully finish at least one item on the list. D:

Meh. Downloading video right now, so I can't do anything on dA.
I guess I'll just do random web designs again. XD

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i logged in today to find that i have 292 messages in my inbox.


yesterday, i had just managed to cut my inbox down to only 9 messages. in fact, that wasn't even yesterday. that was eleven hours ago.

so, where did the other 283 messages come from?

-gulps- it's from my newest (and so far, only) visual poetry submission at dA. "writer's block". i can't thank everyone enough for all the support and love they've shown for it, and i don't really know what to say right now since i'm completely shell-shocked. O:

i'll try my best to answer all the messages. i have to, because i won't be able to do it once school starts.

thank you everyone once again. <3

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yes, yes! there will be plenty of *new* uploads from me today...after i go exercise. which means, i'll be uploading stuff in just over an hour or so. :D yay~

basically, today's upload will be stuff from visual art and/or writer's craft courses that i still haven't uploaded yet, photos that i somehow forgot about, and panographies that i finally took the time to stitch together today.

i had no idea i also had so much quarter-finished art / scraps on my computer, either. they're...pathetic though, since all of them are from the time when i really, really sucked at making stuff on the computer. XD time to send to the recycle bin...

yeah, so, exercise, here i come.
be back in one (1) hour. XD

[ 260 deviations, 21 comments. ]

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-speechlessly pointing the slice of cake at top corner of profile-

look! look! a birthday badge! i "enjoys birthday shenanigans"! yay!

-runs around in triangles like the alien she is-

XD Haha, it's my first badge~ Yay. I'm not even quite sure how I got it. I think it's from submitting the colouring contest thing. I was thinking it was from dAtribes, but it can't be; my friends joined in, and I haven't seen badges on their profiles yet. -shrugs- Yay, badge.

40 messages and 342 deviations to go. Whee~ O.o

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-yawns- It's 5:06 AM right now. No, I haven't slept yet. I should be sleeping right now, but I was kept awake by dAtribes. It's fun, because, well, when is a competition NOT fun? But the wait for people to actually fall into your traps is honestly deadly. o.O

[ gosh, after all this time, it still takes me so much time to type in hangul. ]

This is the first year I've celebrated your birthday, actually. And, it looks pretty fun. I'm eying the scavenger hunts right now. (: I'll make sure I'll get to play those after I wake up. xD

Okays, after I upload my *new* deviantID, I'm going to go to bed before the sun rises completely.

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Yeah, I see digital cobwebs. Look at my account. My inbox states that I have 360 unviewed Deviations and 122 unread messages. And I hate my avatar/profile image/literature tag. I've hated them for several months, actually. I need to make new ones. Soon. Immediately. Except, I need inspiration. xD Maybe ~xxx-fancy-xxx's evolution into ~starcatcher42 will be inspiration enough. If she has the willpower to move accounts, I can at least create a new avatar. What kind of artist am I if I can't even come up with a new avatar? >__>

I have been sketching these past few days. I still have to scan + upload them though (more work xD), so it might be another few days. I'm also going through artwork I've made in school, and, sigh, that's taking time too. I'll have to do it before school starts though...

I haven't been visibly online anywhere these days except for my Yahoo! inbox, so for all of my friends who hate me for being such a recluse, here's what I've been up to lately:

- studying Chinese
- studying Korean
- watching Boys Before Flowers, a Korean drama
- sketching
- trying to get all my old school work to fit on one USB stick (ha, don't ask)
- studying the Driver's Handbook
- exercising
- wandering around aimlessly

Well, I actually do the last item all the time...people just don't always realize it.

Gah, university fees cost so much.

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  • Drinking: water, two hours ago
That's what the little green monster announces at the end of every Just for Laughs stand-up comedy show. (Whoa, I just had to use HTML to format that! o.O I haven't used HTML in the longest time.) Except, my life is no comedy show.

Although I guess we try our best. Wanton Club - we like making our teachers and fellow peers think we're absolutely crazy, every Friday.

But now that's over as well. School is over. A chapter of our lives...ended.

Okay, that's probably a bit more emo than how I feel right now, since I have happy music playing and all, but it's the truth.

Anyways, now that school is (ah! HTML!) over, I have time to upload stuff again! Yay! -insertcheerhere-  And I have a lot of stuff to upload from my Writer's Craft course.

I shall start now.
After I reply to one email. xD

EDIT [1:40 AM 2009/06/30]: I was just looking back on all my unanswered comments/replies and I was getting depressed over all the conversations that just died from me not signing onto dA after a while. So many awesome friendships...gone. And yet, as much as I want to get them going again, I don't want to answer those messages because it takes so much work. ><" I would have to check up their history again (because I have no clue what we were talking about by now), and think of something to say, and apologize for not replying earlier, and type... Oh, so much work. >< I'm so lazy these days. I apologize for my...well, I don't know. For my level of reclusiveness.

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i'm sleepy. again. i'm so sleepy that i think i've gone emo, because i was editing my profile information and this is what i almost wrote for favourite cartoon character: "don't have one. i've already given up on cartoons.

D: how dare i even think that. how can i ever give up cartoons completely?

and so i came here instead, where i can do no real damage (hopefully).

i suppose there's plenty of fun stuff to talk about, like having your usb flash drives infected with the stupid ravmone.exe virus or filling out repetitive forms about yourself for university applications, but i'm too tired to rant. my head feels like jelly, literally. or maybe it's my spine. hmm. who cares.

whee. alienation. (sorry, just remembering the deviantart emoticon. 'tis cute.)

tomorrow: history research | sonnet writing | vectors as a force | new deviantart id | finish neverending illustration | figurative death

all that in one day. awesome. = D tomorrow's going to be such a relaxed day, don't you think?

ne sonul jabayo~

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  • Drinking: hot tea (a vain attempt to stay awake.)
i am so sleepy right now. awake since seven in the morning, and i had only slept three or four hours before that. marvellous.

at the moment, i'm uploading deviations. yay. (: i have a lot of stuff waiting to be framed or formatted for deviantart, especially after making that portfolio for my communications technology course. (it forced me to scan/take photos of all my artwork - something i would not do in my spare time because i am just too lazy.)
{ *starts playlist* yay. super junior-happy! <3 }
we just finished an assignment on haikus in writer's craft. if you see me break out into haikus halfway into my comments or journal entries here, you now know why. xD as annoying as syllable counts are, haikus are suddenly fun to write. i'd write one now, except my brain is half-dead from exhaustion already.

today (well, yesterday, since it's past midnight) = friday 13th. *insert suspenseful music here* did anything bad happen to me? i don't know, but the electricity in the whole area was cut for several minutes in the morning. (unlucky for people driving, but great for most students; having no electricity is a good way to break the tedium of class.)

and now, it's valentine's day! <3 and all i need is a valentine.
tomorrow seems like the perfect day to write my sonnet for writer's craft. after all, it has to be about love.
[ mom : aren't you sleepy? ]
if i wasn't facing the computer, she'd probably see that my eyes are only a quarter of the way open, and they'd love to close all the way if i just let go.

hmm, i want to work on a new deviantid. i want to try something new.

okays. i think i'm going to go to bed soon. in a few minutes. after i finish working with this photo in the gimp. xD
half-open eyes see
overly bright, blurry screen
gee, i can't even think of a good cutting moment right now. how pathetic.
half-open eyes see
overly bright, blurry screen
eating my dark room
>.> sure, why not. gonna go to bed. g'night, fellow deviants.

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So, pretty much finished comm. tech stuff. Uploaded rest of my sketches. Read up on logarithms. But have been putting off my essay and sculpture research thing.

Which I have to do now, or I will feel guilty. (Actually, already kind of guilty about the essay thing. And all the time I've wasted so far this weekend.)

But yes, three more sketches have been uploaded for your viewing and critiquing pleasure. Enjoy!

Back to work for me.

(Wow, this has been short.)

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  • Playing: with my mind; it's always confused these days.
  • Eating: soup, with bok choy that chicken?
  • Drinking: warm milk.
Yes, that's how I count my days. I do countdowns now. That is how stressful my life is. I countdown to Fridays every week, beginning on Monday. I countdown my weekends - how much time I have left to finish my homework before my teachers proceed to kill me on Monday again.

This week, I can begin to countdown to that blissful Friday that marks the end of my In the Skin of a Lion essay and the beginning of my holiday.

But right now, it's Friday. FRIDAY! : D And it's a happy Friday too; my math test is done, my English teacher finally gave me that elusive approval on my brainstorming template (basically, a guideline for your essay), and somehow I won the Environmental Club mural contest. Mostly, I'm just happy because of the English thing. xDD

Anyways, uploaded four pieces I made in November in the past hour or so. I have three more from this week, but I'll upload those tomorrow or something, since I still have to scan, fix contrast, title, add borders, etc. on all of them.

I would write more, except I've suddenly got writer's block, and I still have to start on a comm. tech project. But I will be back sometime this week! Hopefully tomorrow!

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  • Drinking: nothing; speaking of which, where's my cup?
It just happens. I don't know why. I just never find the time to log on here. Ever. Except today, and only because I had to upload a sketch for art class. Everything I do seems to be related to homework somehow.

I don't know what to say. Today's been kind of depressing. My friend and I were planning to do something for the school's upcoming Talent Show, and we actually got a lot done. However, today she's finally decided that she doesn't have time to practice because of all the work she has. And our dreams are crushed there. We can always perform in the Diwali Show, but it's just not the same. *sigh*

Nothing's very cheery. I'm researching an anarchist bombing of Wall Street in 1920 for English; doing radians and angular velocities in Advanced Functions; and writing long blog posts about our upcoming painting project for Visual Arts. Well, I suppose the writing's not too bad.

The only thing that's cheery is in the music scene. I've recently become addicted to Girls' Generation (also known as SNSD), a Korean nine-member (NINE!) girl group. They have such angelic voices. xD I'm trying to sing along with them, but it's difficult since I don't speak Korean. Too bad singing along with Romanized lyrics isn't my forte.

Do I know what I'm writing right now? I'm kind of tired, so words are spouting out, sometimes, I think, without my brain's consent. So I'm just hoping that this all makes sense. With little to no spelling or grammar errors.

11 PM. Almost. School tomorrow. Why can't we have more PD Days? >.<

I should go take more notes on that 1920 bombing. Joy.

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  • Drinking: tea. Again. Because my dad brews tea daily.
I've been avoiding my computer.

Though the following were all reasons for my computer avoidance:

1) My art teacher/yearbook advisor had told me to stop spending so much time using the computer, and go outdoors during this summer.

2) Sitting all the time will only cause my hips to grow bigger and bigger... And if that happens, not only will I not fit into my jeans, my mom will also complain that I'm too fat.

3) I'm busy messing around with other stuff that, surprisingly, doesn't involve a computer! *gasp*

it is mainly because my computer has been acting very strangely. Stranger than usual.

It all started back in June, when my dad and I took the tower apart to clean out the blankets of dust. After it was assembled, the hardware within the tower made this weird...screeching noise intermittently while it was on. I'm not sure what's causing it - maybe it's just old, or the dust actually served as a blanket to cushion things that have become a bit loose. But it decided to screech only every once in a while, which thankfully didn't drive me insane.

But now, my computer has decided that it would be fun to annoy me, so now it's screeching all the time now. Even music can't cover it! I can barely restrain myself from hammering it (if I do, I will receive five seconds of silence from my tower, before it screeches at me again). Until either my computer STOPS THIS or my dad gets me a new computer, I don't think I'll be around a lot.

EARRGGHHH! *runs away from computer*

.agentcarolina :typerhappy:
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  • Eating: everything that is not food.
  • Drinking: tea. but very light tea.
Yep, it's four in the morning. I'm going to sleep, trust me. (But I actually don't feel quite sleepy right now. Maybe it's because I got up at noon today. Or maybe it's because I'm drinking tea.) I just feel the need to write something.

Or do I?

Anyways, took a whole lot of photos today - mainly of flowers. One of them is up already (Majestic - I love macro shots ^^), and I'll get the rest by tomorrow or the day after. It all depends on how long I go out tomorrow, and whether I get some new shots during that excursion. So, stay tuned!

Meanwhile, more unfinished drawings with my tablet. I just don't know how to finish some of them! Argh. >.< I'm also working on a new deviantID...which I also do not know how to finish. Maybe I'll just dump everything in scrap for now. ^^"

I really should go to bed now. *sigh* And I was having so much fun mucking around with my hi-res photos in The GIMP (and making my computer slow down significantly in the process).

:typerhappy: :typerhappy: :typerhappy:

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So, with a new tablet, I'm making art...but never getting to the point of finishing it. I have several half-finished pieces and some new photos. I know I should finish them, but can't find the inspiration to.

It's frustrating, really.

I'm going to go exercise now, and maybe when I come back, I shall finish at least one of these pieces.


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  • Playing: TABLET! :D
  • Eating: Nada.
  • Drinking: Water.
Finally, finally, FINALLY! I have a tablet!


I went to three stores in three hours. I was going to get the Bamboo Fun Medium at Best Buy, but then they were out of stock. >_> The Source didn't have any tablets, so I had to go to to get this tablet. It's made by some Taiwanese company I've never heard of - "Genius". Are they really that smart? Hmm. Well, one thing's for sure, their tablets cost a lot less - $60.99 CAD for 8x6 in. tablet, complete with mouse, pen, and two alkaline batteries.

They seem to work pretty good too. Their user manual's kind of lacking in detail, but thankfully, it's not difficult to figure out. I have no clue how to open the battery compartment in the pen and the manual doesn't say how, but since there's a battery in it already, I'll figure it out later.

I'm having so much fun playing with my tablet, I didn't even have time to exercise today. *gasp/faint* Oh no! I'm going to lose all my flexibility! Must...exercise...tomorrow!

WHEE! *draws random stuff with tablet pen*

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  • Watching: :typerhappy:
  • Playing: With my new MP3 player, thanks to my uncle. :hug:
  • Eating: My keyboard. o.O (Hopefully, that won't happen.)
  • Drinking: Water.
Wow, it's been a while since I've used capitals in a journal title. xD But I have good reason to.

I haven't been on dA for about four days, and I come back to the new and improved dA. I had to do a doubletake when I got to the site. Did it not load properly? Should I refresh? But then, why is the search field all nicely shaded? Why did the dA logo change? The footer...? It finally dawned on me that dA's been redesigned! :excited:

I wandered around wide-eyed, like any other deviant, confused and excited to try all the weird functions in the Message Centre. I particularly like being able to preview and reply to all my messages without having to open the pages they are on - saves me from loading extra pages (oh, the curse of dial-up!). xD

But what I was most happy about was the Mood changer thing in the Journals actually works! YAY! xD After so many days, it's fully functional! No longer will I be "Unhappy" every time I write a journal entry, for that was what it was set to before the menu stopped working.

I've finally finished reading that 668-page book called Eldest. Good read, but a bit slow at some points.

My dad currently thinks I'm insane for watching So You Think You Can Dance. I guess he has his reasons for thinking so; I started watching the show last year (season 3), after the season was over. And still, I was hooked. I'm pretty sure I watched each episode at least three times. Thinking back, I'm amazed that I managed to watch so much SYTYCD and still study enough to pass Advanced Functions with an 87%. (Er, a note: my math teacher fails half his classes every year, so anything above a 50% is actually pretty good.)

Now it's a new season. And it's kind of annoying me that I can't vote because I live in Canada. New episodes air on Sunday here (instead of live on Wednesdays), and it irks me that everything has happened and I can go to Wikipedia to find out who has been cut instead of waiting a few extra days to find out. I can't wait until SYTYCD Canada starts, where WE can actually have a say in something.

Without music, I think I'd die of boredom this summer during my exercise. (Actually, I think I would've died from stress during the school year if it wasn't for music.) Carrie Underwood's "Last Name" is pretty good, although by the end the song, I feel as if I've heard enough of her voice...or some odd feeling like that. But then I play the song again, and I like it again. xD The video's entertaining too. Watch it.

what's with these subheadings?
I honestly don't know. I didn't plan to use them, but then I wrote so much about SYTYCD that I decided to use something to divide my journal up into sections.

How'd I find so much random crap to write about today anyways? My eyes are tired from staring at thick novels and computer screens today, so I'm actually kind of shocked to find myself here writing an essay-length journal entry.

Meh. Maybe I am this person: :typerhappy:

Whee. It's time for me to go to bed! 2:35 AM. Nine hours of beauty sleep before I wake up and watch Pokemon. xD What a summer.

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  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Tea.
EDIT 2008/07/15: YEAH! Can change my mood now!

(Mood: Eh...also restless today. I'm actually like this very often during the summer. There's too many things I can do, but do not want to do at the moment. It's an annoying feeling. >.< )

Firefox has been getting stuck a lot when browsing dA. I'm not sure why, but it could possibly be caused by all the code that is required to operate one of these pages. On good days, Firefox will only freeze maybe once, but I've had days where I had to restart the browser four or five times. Combine this with a dial-up connection, where reloading pages is a drag, and Firefox becomes a pain.

So, I'm stuck with IE for now, which is okay, but I'd rather use something other than IE.

Why isn't dA compatible with Opera? = ( I love Opera.

It's a sultry summer here, and I have to walk to the library to return stuff today. Argh. On the bright side, my birthday will be marked by a pleasant, sunny day without the heat.

Then again, the weathermen are not very reliable for future forcasts.

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  • Reading: Eldest - Christopher Paolini
  • Watching: one hour.
  • Playing: With my handmade plush keychain! ^^
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Nice, cold refreshing water.
EDIT 2008/07/15: YEAH! Can change my mood now!

(Mood: Restless. Not sure what to do. Mood menu thing still. doesn't. work. Grr.)

Did I ever tell you that my mom can sew?

Well, she can, and after seeing me make that plush keychain, now she wants to teach me how to make more practical clothes. Which is fine, but I'd much rather make cute things or small items. Clothes just don't seem as fun to make.

Maybe I can learn to stitch better from this though.

Off-topic: Recently discovered the typerhappy emoticon. :typerhappy: I find it very amusing. If only I was that happy when typing up all my notes to study for my exams...