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skate park

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A local skate park...built right into the back of our city hall building.

I took these pictures a long, long time ago. Uh... -goestocheckphotos- Back in 2007, actually. I meant to do a panography, but never worked on it until now.

Back then, the skate park was empty enough for me to go and take pictures of it. Try to take enough photos for a panography there today, and you might get hit by the now ever-present skateboarders.
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This is so cool!
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wow that's cool! you took photography with Mr. Mosher? I love his classes and I really miss taking photography
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only grade 10.
yeah, he's hilarious. did he do that trick on you guys too, with the lens on the slr? he tries to show you the lens when he has it off, and pretends to drop it just to scare you. XD
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I don't think so I'm not quite sure I remember that lol I do remember that megan got up and he wiped a eraser across the room (at her) lol that was scary and funny then he starts laughing at her cause it looked like she had to go pee
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( oh, and i keep forgetting, thanks for the +fav on this. ^^" )
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I don't think I was there for that (we /were/ in different photog. classes, right?), but I can actually visualize that happening. XDD
That's a hilarious image.
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lol everyone faces were like O_O .... and then after a few minutes everyone started laughing and Megan was like "I could report you. You know?" and he was said something that made it hard for her to tell on him or something like that.
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