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birds -digitalwatercolour- by patronus4000 birds -digitalwatercolour- by patronus4000
Created February 2009.

This was kind of an impulse side project to my Visual Arts final. We had to do a major painting or sculpture, and I was doing a landscape...with birds eating. This was a study sketch I did for the project, which I happened to end up colouring. xD Why rainbow coloured? I'm not sure, but doesn't it look cool? xP

Base sketch in pencil. Painting and outlining in The GIMP.
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starcatcher42 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009
could it be~? O:
is back on dA? :D
oh my my, what a beautiful day :music:
patronus4000 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2009
ahaha, for today. i dunno. i'm lazy most of the time, so i'm not on a lot. xD

yes, a beautiful day. did you see the downpour of rain? ^^

and who is this starcatcher42 girl anyways? you sound familiar, but i can't be sure if i've met you... (wait, how do /you/ know /me/?)
starcatcher42 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009

o= i did;
i saw it from a bus~
i went on an amazing journey yesterday :D
got on the wrong bus, and then circled around, visiting many different places,
before making it back to square one. :D
by the time i got off, the rain had disappeared,
and it was hotsunny again. xD

(well, duh. /everyone/ knows youu~ :D)
patronus4000 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
wow. *___* that must've been an awesome journey, with the downpour and all.

i think i'll be having many of those wrong-bus kind of journeys when i have to head downtown for school this year. XD

(oh. uh... really? how come i don't know this? and who am i?)
starcatcher42 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
woah, you're on dA like, right now~? o:
'cause i was like, reading my messages, and i had like, seven, and then i went to another page,
and like, i had one more message to read, like, right after i finished reading them all. o:
like, yeah.


yes, yes. it was. :D
'cause i was inside a bus, so, not getting wet, so. 'twas quite nice. xD
the colours outside looked pretty, all grey and green;
and i saw a bunch of huge mansion-like houses. o: mhm.

oh my my~ o=
make sure you leave home an hour earlier than you should, then. ^-^

('cause that just adds to your charm. your not knowing ... anything. ;3)
patronus4000 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2009
yes, i am. but i have to go grocery shopping now, so i'll be out for a few hours.
yes, i was doing that too! replying to stuff. and then my inbox kept refilling itself (because of you, and a certain deviant named xxtasnim. she seems quite familiar somehow...). 'twas quite shocking.

-nodnod- i watched the rain from my balcony. and then pigeons were flying around in the rain for a shower. what a beautiful sight.
perhaps the mansions were a hide the secret castles no one's supposed to know about.

i will, i will. ^^

(i...see. o.O although that means i'm quite lost and confused most of the time, which might be troublesome with the travelling downtown thing.
oh. i lost.)
starcatcher42 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2009
(hm. odd. i know not of any 'xxtasnim'.)

aw, that sounds lovely.
oh yes, perhaps.


(it's okay. you'll manage; you're going to be leaving home
an extra hour earlier so, you'll have an hour to find your way again
if you get lost. it's all good.
oh yeah! i lost. o:)
patronus4000 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2009
(hm, okay, thanks anyway.)

(hopefully. fingers crossed. XD
ah, i lost again.)
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