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Kim So Eun

August 4, 2009. Pencil.

Korean actress. I know her only from the drama Boys Before Flowers (or 꽃보다 남자/Kkotboda namja) in which she plays the character Ga Eul. Her nose is kind of off, but I can't be bothered to fix it.

You know you're bored when you begin drawing celebrities... ><
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yo what up with all the korean actors/ actresses ?
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xD i'm bored. and the only thing i'm watching a lot these days is that one korean drama ('cause everything else on tv are reruns these days. o.O even spongebob. xD).
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lol I see I see make crafts! I'm trying to knit a hat thats sorta fun anyways I'm going to the library now so yup see ya the next time I long on!
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wow, that's cool. i always think knitting/making plushies are fun, but they can be so frustratingly difficult to do! o.O

yes, and meanwhile, i'll have to reply to all your replies! let's see how many there are... XD
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I find that even harder to do ! I don't even know if my knitting is going the right way currently the hat I'm knitting has no pattern its just practise so yeah

lol this is the last of of this batch so I'm good
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perhaps. i've never tried knitting myself, so i wouldn't be able to compare.
well, if the hat doesn't work out, i suppose you could always make it into a wonky blanket of sorts.

XD oh dear. it's a batch. i'm going to have sore fingers after this.
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lol I finished it on wednesday lol it looks like a funny looking pumpkin my mom says it looks like a bowl. i was going to make it a tunic kinda scarf but the hat turned out ok I guess

lol you send me 16 and right now I'm on my 5th one so yeah all the best
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hahaha. aww. well, at least it held together in a hat-like shape thing. as long as it keeps your head warm on those snowy days, it's all good.

oh, thank you. all the best to you too, for the new batch.
xD i don't even bother to count how many you send back daily anymore. i just keep typing and typing...
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