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Kim Sang Bum

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Finished August 4, 2009. Pencil.

It took me ten days to get this to a scanner, add a border, and upload it. My, my. Procrastinate much? ^^"

Kim Sang Bum ( 김상범 ) plays Yi Jung in the K-drama Boys Before Flowers ( or 꽃보다 남자 ).
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lol another korean actor!
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^^" last of it, so far. i have one more in my sketchbook, but it's unfinished and i don't feel like working on it right now.
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hey you should give me some actors to draw and I should draw them I drew one of my favorite Japanese actress but I can't show you cause the scanner issue
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Hm, okays. O.O I don't know too many though... Well, XD I do, but I'm usually not obsessive enough about them to think of any.

-racks brain for ideas + googles around-

- Chelsie Hightower (So You Think You Can Dance contestant) [link]
- Kim Heechul (Super Junior band member...who can look quite like a girl sometimes O.o) [link]
- Ariel Lin (Taiwanese actress/singer) [link]
- Mark Kanemura (So You Think You Can Dance contestant) [link]

Can't...think of anymore at the moment. But this should keep you busy for a while, if you do draw them.
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Chelsie hightower looks pretty
kim heechul looks japanese
Ariel Lin look ok
mark kanemura is weird looking but I remember his performance .... funny