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Freshly Squeezed

By patronus4000
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September 22, 2008.

We were recreating magazine covers in comm. tech. The cover I chose had a stack of halved oranges that had been freshly squeezed. So I had to squeeze two oranges and take a picture.

The oranges were good. <33 xD

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Sep 22, 2008, 4:40:38 PM
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I like the image formation a lot ... almost like a painted picture.
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Nice! ^^ Yeah--it does look good :)
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They look like lemons to me. The oranges I'm used to are really orange. That aside, I like the composition in the image.
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Oooh, wonderful focus. <3 Good composition, I LOVE it when the focus is off to the side like that. and the dark background really illuminates the oranges, bringing them into view~

And... yes.
Seeing this really does make me want some orange juice. XD;

Great shot! <3
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Thank you so much. <3
Yeah, I think pictures are taken too often with the subject at the centre. I try to stop my dad from doing that, but he just doesn't see why the subject should be off to the side. O.o

Here. -hands LeMaffin a glass of orange juice-

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You're welcome!
The thing about being off to the side.. it's the "thirds" rule in photography, it just brings more attention if something is off-center than if it's perfectly centered. Picture this: A wall is filled with framed photos and art or something. From a distance, you look at it. One of them is crooked. Do you notice that one first? You probably do. You look at everything from a center-focused view in reality, so it's just an unusual take on things, which is why I think it looks more aesthetically pleasing~ Plus, through the years, the wallpaper-type composition where the object in focus is off to the side~ that probably takes a part in it, too.

*maffin acquired (1) glass of orange juice(s)
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Yeah. We learned the rule of thirds in beginner photography class in high school. (Still, my dad prefers the centre. XD) Hm, referring to your example, I think that's probably why too. It's just more interesting.

Haha, yay~
You have orange juice in your inventory now.
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This is really neat. Makes me thirsty for orange juice. I like the colors of the oranges in comparison to the dark shades of the background. Nicely done. <3
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thanks~ <3
here, have one. -hands psychoticbb a glass of orange juice- it's on me. :3
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*gulps it down.* Yum. thank you. =3
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^-^ You're very welcome.
If you want more, just ask, 'kays?
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kitty! ^-^

ehm. sorry, natural reaction.
it's from reading this: [link]
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XD lmao. That was hilarious. Thanks for that. <3
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I really like it for some odd reason! its COOL!
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whoa that was a really late reply .... your welcome
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