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Trials and Tribulations: Storming the Ring Part 1
"Is everypony here," Shining Armor asked his lieutenant.
A young mare, dark blue in mane and lighter blue in coat, snapped to attention and saluted.
"Yes, sir. We are awaiting your orders."
Shining Armor returned the salute, "Thank you, Sapphire Breeze."
He scanned the room. Earth ponies, pegasi, unicorns, and even a few of the still-infant Night Guard stood around the command table.
He walked to the table and waved the squad leaders over.
"I want to make this absolutely clear. This is a raid on the home of a pony living near Canterlot. We do not expect them to be armed, but that doesn't mean you can be careless."
Once all the squad leaders were at the table, Shining Armor looked over the makeshift model of the Storm Mansion. He pointed to a small building that served as the guard house.
"There will be guards nearby. Do not take them lightly. I expect them to obey the order of the Princesses, but be prepared for a fight."
The squad leaders nodded.
A small murmur of surprise came from t
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Trials and Tribulations: Storming the Ring Part 2
As Velvet made her way back to her hooves, a ripple formed on the barrier. She took a cautious step back as the barrier began to dim slightly.
"Is that thing contained," Zephyr shouted.
Velvet walked toward Zephyr and shook her head.
"Trixie is keeping the barrier up as best she can, but there's no way that she can maintain it for much longer."
Another unicorn screamed and collapsed to the floor.
"Kill it," Storm Ring said, "I'll have to salvage what I can."
"She's far too powerful," Velvet said, "And Trixie is the only one that's keeping her at bay."
Her ears twitched, and she turned to Trixie.
"What did you say?"
Sweat poured from Trixie's head as she focused all her energy into reinforcing the barrier.
"Bring me crystals."
Velvet looked away as she scanned the basement floor for any unopened crates. When she spotted one, she motioned for Thunderclap to retrieve it.
"What is she planning," Flashpoint asked.
"I'm not certain," Velvet said, "But do as she asks."
Flashpoint nodded to Th
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Where Sleepless Nights can Lead
The morning sun shone through the window and onto an empty bed. Normally, the bright rays would stir a sleeping pony.
This time, just as the past week, no pony slept in the bed. She stared out the window again, lost in a stream of thoughts that brought both hope and shame.
“Ugh,” Scootaloo said, “I have to stop this.”
She glanced outside the window and waved at one of her best friends.
Apple Bloom walked down the road and glanced up to Scootaloo’s window. She stopped in her tracks when she spotted the orange pony.
“Hey there, Scoots,” she shouted.
Scootaloo opened the window and said, “What are you doing?”
Apple Bloom shrugged and said, “Applejack sent me down to the market square to set up the stand.”
She stared at Scootaloo a little harder and asked, “What’re you doing up?”
Scootaloo looked away and said, “Couldn’t sleep.”
Apple Bloom nodded and said, “Gotcha. Want to come help
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Unable to help himself, Thomas turned and began running as fast as he could.
"How could I be so stupid," he whispered between pants.
The corridor stretched before him, almost taunting any chance of escape. Lightning flash through the arched windows providing some light to go by.
Still, Thomas kept running. The taunting corridor was far better than the horror that chased him.
Another flash of lightning blinded him and he tumbled over a chair.
That was when he heard it. Heard even through the thundering of his heart. That sound.
"Where are you?"
He scrambled to his feet. This corridor had to lead somewhere, and it wasn't long before he found the door. That's when he felt the cold bony fingers grab his shoulder.
Frozen in place by sheer terror, he stared at the door, his salvation, as he was dragged back down the corridor.
Still, a tiny bit of warmth pulsed in his heart. A warmth that yearned for an escape. Thomas concentrated on the warmth and found himself in a full panic as he broke aw
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Into the Depths Part 2
The group made their way through the palace. Pegasi and unicorn guards continued to patrol the palace in large numbers.
“I hope there is nothing wrong,” Fluttershy whispered.
“I bet they’re having one of those military parties,” Pinkie said as she bounced around Fluttershy.
“Military Parties,” Twilight asked, “Don’t you mean drills?”
Pinkie stopped bouncing and shrugged, “Close enough.”
Twilight sighed and looked around for somepony who could help them figure out what was going on.
Her eyes lit up when they fell on a familiar sight. “Stay here, girls,” she said.
"Shining," Twilight shouted.
A white unicorn looked away from a pegasus patrol and smiled, "Twily, How have you been?"
Twilight embraced her older brother and said, "I've been well."
She looked back toward Fluttershy and Pinkie and said, "We're on a new assignment."
Shining Armor laughed and said, "Another adventure for my baby sister, and I'm s
:iconpatroison:PatRoison 5 1
Trials and Tribulations Part 8.0
“Shining Armor, are you certain?” Rarity looked at the Guard Captain and asked, “Could it be possible that Pinkie made a mistake?”
Twilight shook her head, “I doubt it. Pinkie remembers the name of everypony in she has ever met. I’m not about to question her memory, especially on something this important.” She brought a hoof to her chin and stared at the parchment.
Rarity shuddered and asked, “But why would anypony want such a spell?” She glanced at Twilight and nudged her.
Twilight snapped out of her thoughts and turned to face Rarity, “I’m sorry. What was that?”
“I asked why anypony would want such a spell? The very idea of using a spell to...” She paused and said as she looked over the spell again, “How does it work? I always thought the Princesses were immortal.”
Twilight nodded, “They are. As terrifying as the prospect of a spell that can kill an alicorn, I don’t see how it-
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Trials and Tribulations Part 8.5
“Are all the books back in their proper place?”
Spike, with scroll and quill in hand, checked off the list, “Check.”
“Are the bags packed?”
“Checklist complete?”
Spike smiled as he rolled up the scroll, “We’re ready to go.”
Twilight nodded and glanced at Rarity who sat at the table looking over the Nightmare Moon pamphlet.
“Rarity,” Twilight asked, “Is something wrong?”
Rarity blushed and said, “Oh, I’m sorry. There is just something wrong about this pamphlet.”
Spike walked over to Rarity and said, “It’s evil. That’s all I need to know about it.”
Rarity sighed, “I know, Spikey, but there’s something more that I’m missing.”
She placed the pamphlet on the table and began to rub her temples, “Where are you hiding? I know you’re there.”
Her attention was brok
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In Memory of The One That Never Had a Chance
Rainbow Dash sat on the edge of her bed still in a state between awake and asleep. She groaned and, with some effort, got off the bed and headed into her kitchen.
“Coffee,” she moaned as she rested her head on her counter staring at the coffeemaker. The cool cloud counter top made her drift off until a familiar ding woke her up.
With a noise somewhere between a gurgle and a swear, Rainbow grabbed the pot and poured herself a cup of coffee. She took a sip and the world cleared.
“Oh, that’s good,” Rainbow said as she walked to her table.
“Now, what do I eat?”
A quick glance at her pantry told her that her options were oats or nothing, and while nothing was more appetizing at the moment, she grabbed the box of oats.
She smiled when she saw a fresh jar of honey on her windowsill.
Rainbow shook her head and said with a smiled, “Good old Fluttershy. She saved me from a bland breakfast again.”
She poured the honey onto the oats and began t
:iconpatroison:PatRoison 6 20
Trials and Tribulations Part 7
The morning sun's first rays shone through the office window, and Dexter finished yet another pot of coffee. It's gonna be a tough arraignment, Dexter thought. He stood up, walked into the break room's restroom, and began to clean himself up. One look in the mirror told him that he needed more than a simple mane brushing and mouthwash.
He rubbed his eyes and looked back to the desk. The letter sat there and Dexter knew that he needed to find this Velvet. He took a deep breath and said to his reflection, "One problem at a time." He smiled as best he could and said, "Now let's gets to work." The walk to the infirmary was short, and Dexter smiled at the sight of Fluttershy sleeping.
The yellow pegasus slept on her side with a foreleg covering her snout, and her ear and wing would flutter slightly. This stood in direct contrast with the griffon sleeping in the bed next to her.
Gilda lay sprawled on her back, her mouth open, and her tongue lolled out. Unlike Fluttershy's quiet breath
:iconpatroison:PatRoison 11 21
Trials and Tribulations Part 6
Trixie entered the mansion behind the white mare. They were met in the main foyer by an earth pony butler.
"Good evening, Miss Velvet," the butler said. He turned to Trixie and said with a smile, "And may I say it is an honor to have such an esteemed performer in my presence."
"Good evening, Mr. Tray. Miss Trixie will require a room for the night." Velvet turned to Trixie and said, "I'm certain that you would like to get some rest for tomorrow."
"And what of your master," Trixie asked, "Trixie still wishes to speak with him."
Velvet smiled, "Of course. He is in the study. I can take you to him." She turned to the butler, "Please ensure that the room will be prepared."
Mr. Tray bowed his head, "Of course, Miss Velvet. Miss Trixie if you will excuse me." He didn't wait for Trixie to respond before making his way to a staircase and headed upstairs.
"The pony that Zephyr brought with him, she looked hurt. Do you think that could affect the spell?"
Velvet smiled, "Always on business aren't
:iconpatroison:PatRoison 17 41
Trials and Tribulations Part 5
Applejack's head pounded as she opened her eyes. "Just a few more minutes," she grumbled, but quickly sat up when she heard a soft voice.
"But your breakfast will get cold."
"Fluttershy," Applejack asked as she took in her surroundings. Sure enough, she was sitting in Fluttershy's bed in Fluttershy's cottage. Applejack touched her head and felt no bruise, and a smile graced her lips. She turned to Fluttershy and stared slack-jawed.
Fluttershy stood at the top of the stairs, her mane flowing as long and as graceful as always. Balanced on the yellow pegasus's back was a covered tray.
Applejack wasn't about to let her girlfriend do all the work. She tried to get out of bed, but she was stuck. She smiled at Fluttershy and said, "I guess your girlfriend is a might lazy this morning."
That's when it happened. Just as Applejack finished her sentence, the room shook, but only Applejack seemed to notice.
"What in tarnation was that?"
"What was what," Fluttershy asked as she set the tray down
:iconpatroison:PatRoison 15 23
Into the Depths Part 1
The moon shone through the curtains in the library, and five ponies slept soundly. One began to stir. Rainbow Dash groaned and lifted her head. "Ouch," she mumbled. She touched the bandage on her head and winced. As Rainbow Dash's eyes adjusted to the darkness, she noticed two ponies sleeping nearby. She smiled as she realized who they were.
Fluttershy and Pinkie shared a sleeping bag and were lying alongside each other. Rainbow Dash couldn't help smiling at the sight of the yellow pony covering Pinkie with one of her wings. Pinkie had her face close to Fluttershy's ear, and she ruffled her mane with almost each breath. Both ponies slept soundly with smiles on their faces.
Rainbow touched her head and thought, 'It's worth it to see them happy.' She knew that she wouldn't be able to get any more sleep tonight, so she tried to get off the couch. The floor felt strange and when Rainbow looked down, she was confused for a moment.
Underneath her, curled up and sleeping, was an orange figure
:iconpatroison:PatRoison 40 118
Trials and Tribulations Part 4
“Oh my princess, this library is enormous. How will we ever find what we need?” Rarity stood at the entrance of the law library with her jaw slack. The wing of the library was large enough to fit most of Ponyville within its walls, and the white unicorn was at a loss as where to begin her search. The sight was one thing, but the sound was another. The lack of sound would be a more accurate description. Every hoofstep echoed across the wing, and Rarity shrank on occasion out of fear that she stirred some pupil from their studies. The only calming element there was the smell. The old library smelled of rich oak and parchment. In a way, she could see how Twilight could get lost in a place like this. Of course, she also could get lost but for different reasons. Rarity tried to collect her thoughts, but once again, she was stunned at the overwhelming sight before her. ‘Where will we even begin,’ she wondered.
“Oh you don’t have to worry, Rarity. I h
:iconpatroison:PatRoison 20 103
Interview With a Fillyfooler Part 3
"This is going to be so much fun! Come on Fluttershy, let's get to our table." Pinkie Pie bounced along with Fluttershy following behind. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were behind the happy couple.
Rainbow Dash nudged Applejack and said, "Look at them, AJ. How can you be against that?"
Applejack sighed and when she saw Rainbow smiling at their friends said, "You know I agree with you, Rainbow."
"Yeah, I know. I'm just messing with you. C'mon, let's eat."
The four ponies arrived at their table and Fluttershy was about to sit down, but was stopped by Pinkie.
"Allow me," Pinkie said as she slid out Fluttershy's chair.
"Oh, thank you, Pinkie." Fluttershy blushed and took her seat.
Pinkie sat next to Fluttershy and placed a hoof on hers.
"Well, if this is a date, then let me get your chair for ya, Rainbow." Applejack slid Rainbow's chair out and grinned at the blue pegasus.
"Hey, I'm the one that's supposed to do that-"
"Too late, sugarcube. Ya'll are the girl on this here date."
:iconpatroison:PatRoison 35 184
Big Mac's Big Date
"Well, I don't see you making that long walk down to Sugarcube Corner!"
Big Macintosh still had Caramel's words in his head even as he worked harder to ignore them. It was not that Caramel was wrong. Mac wanted to ask Pinkie Pie out for a while now, but he never quite figured out how. At least that excuse satisfied him until today. He knew how to ask Pinkie out on a date. The problem was that he could never think of an excuse to go and ask her out. He tried offering to take the Cakes their daily apple shipment, but Applejack would always insist on it so she could visit with Pinkie for a bit. Mac would never deny his little sister any chance to spend time with her friends, and seeing her leave the farm occasionally to have fun was always welcome.
Today was different. If Caramel could pony up and bring himself to ask Applejack out, then he should be able to do the same. 'I'll go one this fence is finished,' he promised himself. He was content to content to allow himself this excuse and f
:iconpatroison:PatRoison 62 127
Interview With a Fillyfooler Part 2
"Now Twilight, this must be perfect. This will be their first real date."
Twilight Sparkle finished placing new curtains on the windows of the shop, "I get that Rarity, but I still don't understand why you're being so insistent on having the date here at your boutique."
The white unicorn turned to her friend and laughed, "I have my reasons, but rest assured that it is for Fluttershy."
Twilight tilted her head, "Why?"
"You know how timid the little creature can be. Just imagine the amount of stress she'll be under on a date." Rarity waved a hoof in front of her face, "No. I will not allow my dear friend to suffer any stress. She will be worried enough on making a good impression on Pinkie."
Twilight stopped decorating the table, "Ok, now you're going to have to explain that one to me. They've been friends for years. How could there be a first impression?"
Rarity walked to her friend and playfully squeezed Twilight's face with her hooves, "You are simply adorable sometimes, Twilight Spar
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A Gift from Rarity by AleximusPrime A Gift from Rarity :iconaleximusprime:AleximusPrime 1,393 384 Fluttershy-Pinkie Pie Flare Wallpaper by InternationalTCK Fluttershy-Pinkie Pie Flare Wallpaper :iconinternationaltck:InternationalTCK 119 16
Role Reversal - Ch. II
Fluttershy was stunned and surprised as she took off into the air following her friend Rainbow Dash. Nevertheless, she was overflowing with a mixture of pure joy and aggressive nervousness.
Oh my goodness! the yellow mare thought to herself. This is so unexpected! I mean, I didn't have anything planned for today other than the usual tending to my animals, but this is...this is SO much better! Oh, do I look alright? Does my breath stink? Oh dear, I must look awful! Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, maybe I should have stayed—
"Hey, Fluttershy! Try to keep up!"
The aforementioned pony lifted up her head to see her friend was a good distance away from her. It was moments like these when she wished she wasn't such a terrible flier. Times like these also made her wish she wasn't afflicted with acrophobia. So she focused on not looking down behind her at the receding ground, and flapped her wings harder in order to catch up to her friend.
Fluttershy sighed sole
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It's only gay if your horns are touching by ecmajor It's only gay if your horns are touching :iconecmajor:ecmajor 169 33
Shy pt. 2: Realization
Her mind reeling and wings pumping furiously, Rainbow Dash sped away from the clearing.  'It can't be.  I don't believe it, I… WON'T believe it!  Fluttershy wouldn't be like that!  Not for me. '  She tumbled onto a cloud and lay on her back, staring at the sky above her.  'I think I love you…. '  The words kept echoing around her mind and with an enraged cry she tried to push them away.  She didn't want to believe, wouldn't believe that it was true.  It had to be a joke.  She laughed nervously, lodging the idea, a joke!  Fluttershy hadn't really been one for jokes before, so she had to be trying to cover up for something.  The thought was comforting to her, and much easier to accept than a confession of love, so she clung to it and slowly flew back to the picnic to see if her other friends were still there.
Fluttershy stayed in the clearing until she had
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