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the crowd II

By PatrickWally
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at the Nova Rock festival 2009

article: [link] (german)

Nova Rock '09:
The crowd I: [link]
the crowd II: [link]
the crowd III: [link]
the crowd IV: [link]
Sonic Syndicate: [link]
Caliban: [link]
Faith No More: [link]
Lacuna Coil: [link]
Dredg: [link]
Monster Magnet: [link]
Static X: [link]
Sevendust: [link]
Slipknot: [link]
Slipknot II: [link]
Disturbed backstage: [link]
Metallica I: [link]
Dimmu Borgir I: [link]
Dimmu Borgir II: [link]
Chickenfoot: [link]
Enjoying music: [link]
Killswitch Engage: [link]
Guano Apes: [link]
Machine Head: [link]

more music: [link]

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Jun 19, 2009, 5:34:28 PM
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punkrockmegy's avatar
I was wondering If i could possible atempt to draw this? Please? Ill give you credit if you do let me do it.
PatrickWally's avatar
show me the result when u r finished!
punkrockmegy's avatar
sure! thanks so much!
spencershortyman's avatar
Where are all the black guys?
PatrickWally's avatar
the festival was in austria ;)
spencershortyman's avatar
lmfao, oh okay then :P Its still an amazing shot. Super jealous!!
indikat's avatar
Feiti's avatar
what souvenirs i have looking at this picture !
NintendoChick109's avatar
I absolutely LOVE this. :D
PatrickWally's avatar
megrandy's avatar
I fined it very strange that from all of this clutteredness I can only see about six faces xD. I couldn't imagen what it must have been like for you to be in that crowd. I know I wouldn't have the corrige to go down in there lol. The other thing that I noticed when I saw this is that this't seem like the people in it are creepy, you know? I would think that if I went to one of these concerts I would be scared of the people, but in this case no, which is the one thing I really like about this :). It makes me think I was missing out on something awesome.

I think this would be a perfect picture for a news article. It's just overall amazing, love everything about it. Congrats on getting first btw :D.
SorrowScavenger's avatar
It's time for breaking the stereotypes! :D

I find it quite strange to see comments like this here on dA because people here are different. So I though. :P
I just want to say that the most of the people thinks that metalheads are creepy and sick people but actually most of us are just totally normal persons who just love metal and enjoy in it..
Naturally, you can always bump into weirdos on metal concerts, but you can bump into them on any other party/concert/whatever as well :D

And I can say you that you were missing out something awesome :D
The feeling of unity on this kind of festivals is just beyond the words!

That's all I wanted to say.
No hard feelings? :)
megrandy's avatar
No hard feelings? Not at all. lol

I know what you mean. But it's just that the people in the picture just look the all same you know what I mean? Idk I guess I should be careful not to judge a book by it's cover then lol. I keep telling my self that and I never follow it :C

Yeah I'm sure I was. I don't go to concerts that often. And if I do they don't really involve a bunch of people crowded in one place. I'm also afraid of crowds xD;. But if there's a day when I'm brave enough I'll go to one.

Bye bye :)
SorrowScavenger's avatar
Do not be afraid, it's an awesome feeling. :D
(I myself too do not like crowds and mosh pits, but it's worth the sacrifice :P)
Amour-de-Dante's avatar
That's a reason why I've never been. xD

I'm afraid of pigheaded guys kicking me in the face or something. I'm just a fragile little girl who likes metal. ;__;
megrandy's avatar
Yeah I'm sure it is. But I don't really have friends that share the same interest in bands. So it's kinda hard to go to something like that alone. But I'll go one day. ;)
PatrickWally's avatar
thanks! :D
yeah it was a pretty good & nice crowd! :D
definitely there for enjoying the music... :headbang:
PatrickRuegheimer's avatar
Best crowd shot, srsly.
solemnlyswear22's avatar
its so real! i feel as if i am standing pumping my fists with the rest of them! great job! what concert was this at, may i ask?
PatrickWally's avatar
thanks! sure - disturbed were playing!
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