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Catherine Bell


I loved the show J.A.G. when it was on air a few years ago and recently I stumbled over this very nice photo of Catherine Bell. It is so different from her role on the show - there she was always in uniform - all "buttoned up" - so I thought I might try to paint it.

Love her smile on this one!

I know some will say this is sexist as of showing her in a bra but I only wanted to stay as sexy as in the original photo. It is a thin-red-line between "porn" and aesthetic - but I think this just stays aesthetic ... at least I hope so!

I am very pleased with the outcome and hope you like it too!

Airbrush in Adobe Photoshop CS / Wacom Intuos2 A4 / Photo-reference.

Do not use this picture in any way without prior written permission!
Please contact me for more details!
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I always liked "Mac" I liked the episode where her and Harm where in his plainf, and she was wearing her thick coat and the DC headset and cute! I wish they would at least  do a follow up film to show where  her and Harm went at the end of the series...One can hope.
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Yeah was a great show back then!
i always loved this girl ^^
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Yeah, she was back then :-)
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yes she was
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The lightning and details are amazing!
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Thank you so much!
hehe!jag!!!beautiful pic!!
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Man, even in full uniform that woman oozed sexuality. You captured her very well, and I thank you for it. Love the pic.
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Thank you so much for your comment! :)
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I recognized Ms. Bell from a mile away. Beautifully done!
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Thank you so much!
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Shit this is amazing. Looks like a real photo but it's so beautiful!
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You're welcome. Keep up the amazing work.
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very good im trying to achieve this drawing standard but i'tl take me months if not years
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Thanks! It took me years ... and in the end a lot of people believe it's not even fully painted. Well ... good luck on your own work!
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