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Angelina Jolie


Finally one of the most recognizable faces ever in the film-business ;)
Lovely, devilish, sexy Angelina Jolie! And best of all - she's a brilliant actress too!

My ex-girl-friend was her biggest fan and I asked for her approvement
before posting it ;)

One of my better attempts at painting hair I think - not exactly on par with my "Natalie Portman"-piece but near enough to encourage me I can do it again!

I am very pleased with the outcome overall and hope you like it too!

Airbrush in Adobe Photoshop CS / Wacom Intuos2 A4 / Photo-reference.

Do not use this picture in any way without prior written permission!
Please contact me for more details!
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Look it's amazing 
love your art
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Thank you so much!
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well it's great but i wish that u maid the body look's better
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what do you mean with better?
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u know anjelina's sholders are Show
Wretched vampire woman
Arrest this bitch, she backs war and slaughter
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i lovin it....stunning..... beautiful ARTwork

if u dont mind...leave your comment on my ART pictures.
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Totally awesome piece! Fantastic job!
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Do you charge cause I'm a kid and want a present for a friend...can you draw my friend in lara croft reborn clothes I mean make my friend,her face and on a lara croft reborn body pleease I will be very gratefull....her birthday is in 2 days I beg I love how you draw....she will love it please If i was a grown up I would pay but sorry sorry i just pleease!
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I am really sorry but I can't help you.
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I put this image into my video for the best of deviantart and forgot to mention you in the credits but I have put your username in the description so I hope that makes up for it
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You never asked for permission to use it ... should be the first thing! You can't just use all the artworks without asking the artists!
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well I'm sorry, that is why I'm going back and telling every user whose image I used that I forgot to ask them. Shouldnt that be punishment enough It is taking me over 5 hours just to get back to all the users on one video and I've only gone through the first two at the rate it will take me at least a month to finish responding to these people
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You captured her perfectly. This is too amazing for words!
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Thank you - too honest!!!
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Hola... es muy buen trabajo, pero lo calcaste, la voy a tratar de hacer encontre la foto de donde la sacaste, saludos, y gracias.
Hello ... very good job, but decals, I will try to find the picture where did you get greetings and thanks.
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