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My Stereo...
By The Golden Child

My stereo...
Is stuck on songs by Public Enemy and NWA...

NWA - Niggaz With Attitude...
Thats how I feel everyday.

Don't ask me why...
You can just turn on the tube and see how they portray...

Blacks, latinos and asians formulated in stereotypes,
Because we couldn't be entertaining...
In any other way...

Kids grow up viewing this,
The cycle begins anew...
Generations further left astray...

I guess I'm supposed to follow this
And not challenge what I see..
Cloud myself by their visions
And accept invisibility...

But... what about the words of Chuck D...
And NWA...

I let the song play...

"Express Yourself"

And play...

"Fuck Tha Police"

And play...

"911 is a Joke"


"Bring The Noise"

And play...

"Don't Believe The Hype"

And play...

"Shut Em Down"

And play...

Public Enemy...

If I was to listen to the system...
I'd be "typed" to using a gat and letting my lead spray...

Instead, I use something more powerful...

A pencil...

Words hit harder that way.

"Fight the Power"
Artwork by
Poetry by

Comments: This poetry piece happened on a drive into work on April 1 2005... later, this hot artist by the name of Justin aka stepped into Deviant Art scene and joined up to my whole VADA crew ... it was only natural that two titans should collab and this is the result...
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TheProphetBob Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2006
Nice. An everyman look at the shadow-meanings that flavour our world, that too many ignore.
abraaolucas Featured By Owner May 12, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
congratulations man! very nice job you have.
mase0ne Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2005   Digital Artist
Great words man. Especially the last 6 lines.
the-BluePhoenix Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
Nice to see some fresh work from you, strange. I'm diggin' it. Keep it comin'!
you get a headbang :headbang:
patrickstrange Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2005
haha... thanks bro but actually the poetry from my stereo is old... shouts go out to my fellow VADA, ... anyway, its good to hear from you... I'm trying to get back to hittin' everyone up online again... I'll see you around here or on my homie Pop's boards!!!
m1norwood Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2005
I keep PE in HEAVY ROTATION......Peace
patrickstrange Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2005
you feel me... thanks for the love m1norwood...
SittinDuck Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2005
patrickstrange Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2005
Awww... thanks SittinDuck... :blushes:
SittinDuck Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2005
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April 27, 2005
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